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20 Plugins For WordPress (Number 10 Is a Must)

Plugins for wordpress can change the way your website, blog, or even menus look like.

Plugins can make or break your website. 

So, be careful and picky while choosing plugins for wordpress.

They can slow your website’s speed and make it fast too. Just like everything in the world, there is a good and a bad part. All you have to do is use your mind and find the best plugins for wordpress. 

That could have been hard, but not now, because I’m here with these 20 must have plugins for wordpress. 

If you’re a complete beginner and you don’t know how to install a plugin. Don’t worry, because I got you covered. 

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and put your cursor over plugins. 

Tap add new on the left top corner and search on the search box.

See? It’s not hard right?

Let’s take a look at the 20 must have plugins for wordpress:

Note: I have mentioned 3 SEO plugins for wordpress. But you should not use all three together. Using more than one SEO plugin can hurt your website's SEO

Yoast SEO

Most important thing first, SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is the most important factor for an online business, blog, or a website. It can give you tons of traffic without even a single dollar. This is the best option and the only answer to your question if you’re asking “why am I not getting enough traffic?”

Undoubtedly, SEO is so difficult. I mean there are 200 factors search engines look at before ranking your content on the search engine result pages. (a.k.a SERPs).

Fun fact: If you are curious what these 200 factors are, Brain dean has compiled them all on his blog. You can check them here.

So, I just said SEO is difficult and checks many things before ranking a page. But you can make this simple by just downloading this plugin. Yoast SEO is a freemium plugin which offers really great services. And, there is no trail or set-up fee, you can use their plugin without spending money for lifetime

There are thousands of other plugins for wordpress that are serving the same purpose but still nothing beats Yoast. 

Yoast can help you in different ways such as:

  • Creating xml sitemap: xml sitemap helps search engines find your content.  
  • Keyword density: keyword density means how many times you are using your main keyword. It’s not as effective as it was a couple of years ago. But, still, it’s a thing. And, using relevant keywords a couple of times can help search engines understand your content, thus ranking your content. 
  • Readability: You might be unaware of this fact that readability is also a factor google checks before sorting their SERPs. 

and if you’re using yoast, it can take care of your readability. 

  • Meta Description: another important factor which is sometimes overlooked is meta description. Using metas the right way can help you see your desired results.
  • Linking: in or out links are an important factor for rankings. And with Yoast you can take care of that. 

And much more than that. 

All In One SEO

Some also say AIOSEO. You might have heard this before, because this one’s another great plugin that may help you in ranking your site. 

Not as effective as Yoast but this one’s another great option.

This plugin is free and easy-to-use. You can rocket boost your rankings without even proper knowledge of SEO. 

Before setting up AIOSEO will ask you some simple questions which you’ll have to answer for your site’s betterment. 

Once you’re done with those questions, you can sit back and let this plugin do it’s work.


You need a different plugin for minifying your html, compressing images, and lazy loading. 

But not when you have wp-optimize. Because you can do these three things with this plugin without any problem 

WP-Optimize has a smooth interface with easy-to-use check boxes which you can understand easily without any deep knowledge about SEO. 

This plugin currently powers over xx websites and is one of the best plugins to boost performance of your website or blog. 

XML Sitemap

As it sounds, this plugin helps create an xml sitemap for your website. You do not have to install this one if you use any SEO plugin like Yoast or AIOSEO.

As I said earlier it helps search engines find your content. It’s a file that compiles the urls of your content so search engines don’t miss any piece of content you’ve spent hours writing on. 

Xml also helps in indexing. It is not that a website that does not have an xml sitemap does not get indexed at all but still it helps. 

Broken Link Checker

404 not found, means broken links. Broken links can literally drag you down in the race to the top of the pages. 

Links are an important factor in rankings and a broken one can negatively impact your SEO. 

Not just that, broken links can also have a bad impact on your visitors. 

And with this plugin, you can easily spot them so you can get rid of them as quickly as possible.


This one is one of my favorites. Elementor is a page builder which can help you create pages that are a treat for the eye of the visitor. 

A memorable design can increase your traffic. 

And with Elemenator’s drag and drop menu it’s not hard to create awesome pages without spending thousands of dollars on a web designer. 

Another great thing is that this plugin gives you limited functions for free and if you want some more you can download another plugin called Addons For Elementor.

And if you want full customization and functionality there’s always a premium option. 

Elemenator’s premium plan starts from just $49/year.

Ewww Image Optimization

People often underestimate the power of image optimization. I mean image optimization can literally boost your website’s SEO. 

As, images are the biggest factor of website’s load speed. 

How fast your website or blog load is always important for search engines. Fast loading sites excite search engines more than anything else. 

Do yourself a favor and get ewww image optimization in your active plugins list.

There are countless image optimization plugins for wordpress that you can use but ewww stands out.

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W3 Total Cache

Every machine produces waste, and clearing that can enhance their performance. 

And w3 total caches just do that. As it can be expected from it’s name it clears cache to boost performance of your WordPress and enhance user experience. 

Nobody wants to sit next to the screen waiting for hours just to see your content. People have such limited time now-a-days that they are always in a hurry. That’s why nobody will wait for your website to load; they’ll bounce back, increasing your bounce rate.

What this plugin actually does is it copies your site’s structure to show it to the constant visitors. 

Sitekit By Google

Google analytics, google console, google adsense all in one place. What does it sound like? Sweet, right?

Well, that’s a reality now. Because sitekit has made this possible. 

You can track your traffic, your search engine rank, and your earnings all in one place. 

Rank Math 

Rank math is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that helps in ranking. They analyze your post and give you numbers from 1-100 according to your post’s SEO score. 

Rank Math is a similar tool and an alternative to yoast or AIOSEO. Similarly you set up a wizard to run this plugin. You can manually set up stuff or they have a cool option where they import most of the settings from other SEO plugins such as Yoast. 

Rank Math makes sure you don’t miss out on anything which is important in rankings. It also provides some free features which you can not find in any plugin for free. 

Yoast, AIOSEO, and Rank Math all of these are SEO plugins for wordpress. You should not use them all but only one of them.

SEMrush Writing Assistant

SEMrush is an ultimate writing assistant tool that many marketers love to use. They have different tools that can help you with rankings. 

SEMrush helps you use specific keywords to improve your rankings. There are many plugins for wordpress that are the same as this but SEMrush is above everything. 

Their plagiarism checker tool keeps checking that you don’t write duplicate content.  

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

You saw this beautiful plugin that you can’t wait to download. You downloaded it, and after a couple of minutes your WordPress crashes. 

Sounds so sad right? Of course it is. 

You can’t run away from the fact that this can happen with anyone at any specific time. You never know when you need your site’s backup. 

That’s why UpdraftPlus is a must. It simplifies backing up of data and restoration. This one is the most popular backup plugin with over 3 million active downloads. 

Jetpack – WP Security, Speed, Backup & Growth

This is another must have plugin for security, website speed, backup, and growth. Jetpack improves your site’s performance by optimizing your images and decreasing a site’s load time. 

Jetpack plugin uploads your images on their servers to save your bandwidth and decrease load times. 

Jetpack plugin also provides real time stats to find and understand your audience.

It automatically backs up your site data and manages migrations to new hosts. 

Along with all that this plugin alone could outrank different plugins for wordpress. 

Wp Forms

Wp forms is a drag and drop form builder which you can expect from its name. Created by the genius mind of Syed Balkhi from Wp forms is made so we do not have to hire a web developer to create a simple contact form. 

Wp Forms currently have over 4 million active installations. 

Wp forms is extremely easy-to-use, their drag and drop interface makes it easy for beginners to create different kinds of forms for their sites within minutes. You can create any kind of beautiful and appealing form or choose from a different pre-built one.

Among all the form builder plugins for wordpress, this one steals the show. 

Akismet Spam Protection 

As it is understood by its name, Akismet protects from spam. It currently powers more than 5 million websites.

Akismet scans all the comments and contact form submissions and filters out anything that looks spammy. 


WooCommerce is all you need for an e-commerce site. 

WooCommerce is an extremely useful, free, and flexible platform for all your e-commerce needs. 

You can make and understand your deals, all in one place. You can choose from beautiful, appealing, and exciting themes which match your brand. 

WooCommerce is an ultimate plugin and only plugin you would need. Better than others in the industry. This plugin provides features that other plugins for wordpress could never offer. 

With over 5 million active installations, undoubtedly this is the best solution to your problems.


MonsterInsights is a free plugin that helps understand your traffic. Understanding your traffic is what you all need to provide better services and monsterinsights is a master in it. 

What your visitors do on your site and what they look for is far more important than how many people are visiting your website. 


You all know the power of email marketing and newsletter. Newsletter is another form builder just like other form builder plugins for wordpress. But this is a bit advanced. Newsletter lets you choose from different pre-built newsletter forms or lets you create a custom one.

Either way, you can create a beautiful looking newsletter for your blog or your website that people would love to subscribe to.

Social Icons

Social icons is a free plugin that helps you create social sharing buttons without any difficulty.  Social marketing plays a vital role in growing your blog and its traffic. 

Easy Table Of Content

This one is necessary for those who write pillar posts constantly. Pillar post means a lengthy article covering everything on one specific topic 

ToC (Table of Content) separates your pillar content into small chunks. Which makes it easy-to-navigate for the visitors. 

So, when a person visits who does not want to read the whole thing s/he can jump to their favourite part. 

That’s it these are the 20 must have plugins for wordpress. 

You do not have to use all these but you can use a couple of them according to your needs. 

Did I miss something? If so, please let me know in the comments. 

What are some other useful plugins for wordpress that you use?

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