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8 Things You Should Eliminate From Your Website (For Better SEO)

SEO is the most important for high traffic. No traffic can compete with organic traffic.

Since SEO is so important today I’ll talk about 8 things you should eliminate from your website to boost your SEO.

A website’s speed means so much to search engine algorithms. So, the first thing you should eliminate from your website is excessive use of widgets.

Excessive use of widgets.

To know your website speed, you can analyse your website using Ubersuggest or there are countless other tools on the web which can help you measure your website’s loading speed.

Google prefers that site which loads as soon as you click on it.

To make this process faster, you should remove some widgets if you’re using so many of them. 

Every widget takes time to load. That means, lesser the widgets, less the time your site will take to load. 

So, have a look at your site from visitors perspective. 

Does that search bar actually need to be there? 

Does someone actually use your archive widget?

Have a detailed look over all the things which are placed on your website or a blog. 

Question yourself if that thing needs to be there. 

If not, why are they chilling on your site in the first place? 

So, choose all the widgets which are unnecessarily laying there, and start shooting them out one by one. 

Even if they look good at your site, you still have to remove them. Because, once you disappoint those small crawlers, they take time to come back to your site.

Avoid pop-ups.

Pop-ups are nice and useful but only when the visitor is about to leave. 

They are called “exit pop-up“. 

Exit pop-ups are good to have for your blog as they offer the visitor a good discount, coupon, ebook, or anything which could be useful for them. 

But the one who has just come to your website would not like to see what you’re selling or what you have for him or her. The visitor just came for the answer to what he was searching for. 

What if you’re trying to read something and inevitably pop-up keeps coming and covering your screen, what would you do?

You would be so pissed off right?

Same will be the case with the visitor. Which gets counted in bad user experience. 

So, avoid every kind of thing, widget, or picture which may offend a visitor. 

Avoid too many ads.

Just like the widgets, ads also take time to load. 

That means the more ads you’ll place, the more time your website will take to load. 

I’m not against ads. They are great, the best thing about them is, they help you convert your visitors into dollars. But that thing harms you when you overdo it. 

Keep this in mind that mostly your visitors will be viewing your content through their mobile phones. 

And a user will obviously not like to see tons of ads on their tiny screens of mobile phones covering the whole of the content. 

I once saw an interview of a massive blogger who was earning hundred of thousands dollars every year. And the title was really eye catching that I had to click. 

Anyway, I ended up being on a website which was nothing but just a ton of ads making it unbearable for me to stay. So, I left that site in minutes and I didn’t even end up reading that interview. 

I was ok with losing that much information just to get rid of those countless annoying ads.

Same could happen to your website too. If you don’t get rid of these annoying ads. And I don’t want your website to be one of them.  

And since you’re reading this, I assume you either have a website or you’re about to create one. 

Not having mobile friendliness. 

A report says 63% of your users access your website from a mobile phone. That means, the majority of people will be looking at your content from a mobile device. 

I personally have seen many websites where I can’t read a word. Just because their website can’t fit into a small mobile’s screen.

And Google Bots actually check how your site looks like into a mobile phone. 

If you’re running your website from a desktop, I would like you to check your site from a mobile device.

Next thing I want you to remove is…

Uncustomized links.

Link customization helps robots understand what your content is about. 

For suppose, uncustomized links look similar to this:

Isn’t that wordier and messy? 

It is not about just looks, it also makes it harder for search engines to understand what your content compiles of, resulting in low rankings on google. 

You must be thinking what to do instead right? 

Here is an example of a customized link.

Do the same with your site or blog. And, I’m pretty sure you’ll notice a big difference in your organic traffic. 

Don’t be perplexed! It might sounds hard but it’s as easy as eating a piece of cake, all you have to do it try.

Complex / Complicated / Hard-to-read fancy fonts.

Your website’s look matters. But, a font hardly readable will not make your website any beautiful. It just put a bad impact over the visitor.

I’m not promoting a particular font nor do I want to promote any font to earn a commission or whatever. 

I’m just against some fonts which are extremely hard for some users to read. 

Let me tell you something from my personal experience. 

My eyesight is a bit weak. So, I find it difficult to read small and thin fonts. 

I visited a website yesterday, which was extremely beautiful, easy-to-use, and professional. But the font they were using was a bit fancy and it was too thin for my eyes to read. 

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me who is suffering from this problem. Probably, hundreds of more people are also in the same ship. 

So, I’ll recommend to you to stick to the simplest or simple fonts. 

Ariel, Merriweather, Montserrat, Roboto, and Playfair Display could be a good option. And people sometimes appreciate the simplicity. 

Once again, It’s just my opinion if you and your targeted audience is fine with the font you’re using. Good luck, I’m happy for you, stick to it. 

Unedited old content.

Many bloggers post and forget about their previous work. And unfortunately, I’m also on the list. 

You might be too.

But that’s not how you should do it. 

When you delete some obsolete information which is not authentic anymore and rewrite something which has changed, the old content get repolished. 

And when you repolish your old content and promote it with different tactics, the old post which was almost dead gets a new life. 

Another advantage you get after you re-edit your old content is, it appears new to the search engines. Have a look at this screenshot. 

This post could be months or even years old. But just because it is edited recently it will be counted as a new one. 


These were the 8 things I want you to eliminate from your website ASAP!

Want to defend something or you still have something in your mind which should be there? 

Use the comment section to let me know what I missed!

And thanks a trillion times if you actually read it to the end. I appreciate your valuable time you spent reading this blog, and I’m glad to have you here. Wishing you a great day ahead!

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