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Adsense Approval: 5 Steps To Get Approved On a Month Old Website

The blog you’re looking at right now is only 3 months old (on the date it was written 13th September 2021) 

And, I have been running ads on it for 2 and a half months. 

That being said, I got my AdSense approval in just 15 days? 

How did you do it, Sarmad? 

It’s dead simple. You can’t trick Google into accepting your request. If you want to work with them, you have to act accordingly. 

What they want and what they do not want is a never-ending debate.

Getting AdSense approval is a dream for a lot of new bloggers. But let me tell you, there are a lot of alternatives for Google Adsense that pay better than AdSense. 

adsense approval

You can just copy my steps and I’m 100% sure you’ll end up getting AdSense approval. All you have to do is follow these steps and wait for the good news.

Getting an email with your site is ready to show ads is something that can’t be expressed through words. 

My site is ready to show ads. yayyy!!

The best thing about AdSense is they approve every kind of publisher. Either you have thousands of people coming to the site every day or nobody ever checks up on your site. Adsense is for every kind of publisher. 

Minimum Traffic For Adsense Approval

There is no minimum traffic for Adsense approval. You could have zero visitors on your website and still get AdSense approval. However, you would still need a lot of traffic to make good money from it. 

A lot of people say you should have a couple of people coming to your website organically before you apply for the partner program. But that’s false. I applied before any kind of traffic and still got approved. 

How To Get Adsense Approval On a Month Old Website: 5 Simple Steps

adsense approval

Start a Self-Hosted Blog

There are free options available like Medium & Blogger or there are other free blogging platforms. But, I wouldn’t suggest a free blog. 

Because I started my blogging journey with a free blog on I put a lot of hard work and content there but ended up getting disapproved. 

And when I started a self-hosted blog, the outcome changed.

So, start a self-hosted blog.

Please note that doesn’t mean a sub-domain can’t be monetized or you can’t earn from them. I have seen a couple of people earning a lot of money from their free blogs either on medium or blogger.

To start a self-hosted blog, you need to choose a host. Good hosting can help you in many ways. 

Try hosting with bluehost.

It’s not just about Adsense but there are thousands of other reasons why owning a self-hosted blog is much better than a free one. 

Choose a Niche

Ok, this is serious. When I was blogging with Blogspot, this was (I think) one of the reasons why I couldn’t make it to the partner program.

I used to write for anything under the sky. As one of my posts was general knowledge, the next one was something about SEO, next one was something related to technology. In a nutshell, it was just a mess.

If you don’t want to make the same mistake, choose a niche. 

If you need help try these 60+ profitable niches for your blog.


I repeat.

Do not go off-topic. 

I have seen a lot of bloggers making this mistake to reach a wider audience. Google prefers niche websites, so better create one. 

Decide a niche and stick to it. 

Optimize Your Site For Mobiles

Look, almost 60% of visitors look at your site from a mobile. And Google wants to provide the best user experience to its users. So, they don’t compromise on sites that are not mobile responsive. 

How To Optimize Your Site For Mobiles

  • Increase your font size.

If you use 11 or 12 rush to the settings and change it right now! Remember not everyone is the same as your age. If you have an older audience I would advise 17-18 font size. 

I use 16 here at Blogs by Sarmad if you liked my font size.

Have you ever read something on Medium?

Ever realized why their content is so easy to read?

It’s actually because of their clean interface and big simple font. 

  • Resize Your Images.

Resize your images so that the pictures are completely visible on a mobile screen. Make sure no elements of your website should be invisible or hard-to-touch on mobile devices.

Or read this guide: Image Optimization — How To Optimize Images For Seo.

  • Don’t Put Clickable Elements Close To Each Other

Click elements could be an affiliate link, an image, a do-follow link, a logo, or anything clickable. 

  • Run Google Mobile Responsive Test

Once you’re done optimizing your blog posts and your blog. Now search google mobile responsive test. You’ll be exposed to a screen like this. Paste your site’s URL here and wait for it to analyze your site’s structure. 

What this tool does is check your web page from a search engine’s point of view and check if your page is mobile responsive or not.

Create Pillar Posts And Guides

Now you have to create a couple of posts. 

How many posts should you have before applying for AdSense approval?

There is no ideal number but I got my approval at just 6 posts. I think that’s enough. 

But make sure all the posts you write are pillar posts and not some 500-600 word posts. 

Search engines love blog posts that deeply explain any query. 

So, you should not write anything under 2000 words. I mean not every post of yours has to be 2000+ words but until you’re trying to get the approval you should aim for that number. 

Generally, you should aim for longer posts because they work better on search engines. 

I had 5 pillar posts 2000+ words and a guide of around 4000+ words. And that was enough to get me approval. 

Related: Ideal Blog Post Length — How Long Should Your Blog Post Be

A lot of blogs get pushed out of partner programs because of this simple issue. Not enough words.

You can also wait till 10-12 posts for increasing your chances but I believe that wouldn’t make any difference. 

Apply For Adsense Approval

If you have done everything, it’s time to apply for AdSense approval

Go on and search Google Adsense on your browser and sign up. 

Once you’re done creating an Adsense account. You’ll be given a code to paste in your website’s header above closing </body> 

This could be a headache for someone who is non-technical but there are easier ways.

Download a Google plugin called Sitekit by Google. 

adsense approval

Just set up this plugin and it will do the rest.

If you don’t want to install any plugin, you can also add this manually just follow this step-by-step guide from Wp Beginner

True or False

You can’t monetize a sub-domain.

False. A lot of bloggers monetize their sub-domains either by Adsense or any other AdSense alternatives. However, it’s extremely hard to monetize a sub-domain. 

Adsense has the best CPM rates and is the best ad network in the market. 

False. A lot of ad networks pay way more than Adsense like mediavine or ezoic but to join them you need a good amount of monthly traffic. 

You can use other ad networks with Adsense.

True. AdSense is compatible with many ad networks that means it can be used on the same page you’re running AdSense ads on to maximize revenue. 

You don’t need any traffic to get accepted into the Adsense partner program. 

True. Adsense is for every kind of publisher. You can get accepted into their program without any kind of traffic. 

You can’t monetize anything other than blogs with Google AdSense.

False. A forum, affiliate website, niche site, digital tool, and all other kinds of websites can be monetized with Google Adsense.

You must have legal pages like privacy policy & disclaimer.

False. Many people talk about it but when I got accepted a couple of months ago. I didn’t had any legal page. Since everyone says this is necessary I believe it can increase your chances of getting approved. 

A domain should be 6 months old before applying for the AdSense partner program.

False. I got my AdSense approval in just 15 days. 

Every niche can be monetized with AdSense.

False. Adult content, criminal activities, and illegal content are strictly prohibited by Google Adsense. And it can get your account banned.

AdSense can disable or ban your account without any warning or prompt. 

True. If any of your activities violated the rules of Adsense your account would be disabled without any notification. 


As you saw above, getting AdSense approval is so easy. 

Just decide a niche, create a couple of descriptive content like pillar posts, guides, step-by-step tutorials. Optimize your website for mobile devices, and go on. 

If this post helped you please don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section and I’ll help you out.

Thank you for reading! 

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments.

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