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7 Simple Beginner Blogging Mistakes You Might Be Making

At the beginning of starting and growing your blog, we all make some tiny beginner blogging mistakes that matter more than the huge ones. 

You might ask, like what?

Before we dive right into it, I want to ask you something. 

After you complete reading this post, please let me know in the comments section if you made these mistakes or not. 

Not Collecting Emails

beginner blogging mistakes
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From all the marketing methods, email marketing is superior. 

Email subscribers are the most loyal people on this earth. You ask them to buy your product, they buy it. You ask them to share their views on something, they do it in a minute. You ask them to join your webinar, they will be there. 

In short, email subscribers love to interact with you. 

I don’t know the reason behind it, but emails work 80 times better than other marketing methods. 

And if you’re not collecting emails from the start, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. In case you don’t know, there are 95% chances that a visitor will never come back to your website. 

That’s why email subscribers are so useful.

And even in the case of search engine algorithm updates, email subscribers are useful. 

For instance, if you lost your rank on google because of an update, your traffic wouldn’t drop to almost 0%. Because you can call your subscribers back to your website via a simple email.

This is one of the many reasons why an email list is essential. 

Not Promoting Your Content

You know almost 90% of blogs fail. And one of the reasons behind it is not promoting your content. 

Brain Dean from Backlinko once said in one of his YouTube videos that before he got online success, he had failed badly before. 

And, do you know what was the reason behind it? 

Well, this heading is all about it. Not promoting your content. 

He said, when he started his blog, he created a ton of content every day and waited for search engines to pick it up. 

The results? He failed. 

Next time he changed his blogging schedule and created a few blog posts and promoted the heck out of them. And he succeeds. 

So, promoting your content is extremely important and it can help you in many ways in the long run. But, many people don’t find any success with social media marketing. 

And for some of the bloggers, it’s the main source of traffic. 

Best Social Media For Content Promotion

beginner blogging mistakes
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Not every social media works for all kinds of niches. 

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For example, Parenting, arts, decoration, and blogging works best on Pinterest. 

Some of the best social networks to promote your content are:

  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Mix
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Media
  • Vocal

But there are different marketing strategies you should try. Because sharing your posts once or twice on your profiles won’t do any good to you. 

Try different marketing techniques and figure out what works best for you. 

Because a traffic-driving strategy for someone will not surely work for you. 

Infographics work best for Pinterest. And for Quora long-form answers do the work. While both of these things don’t work for Reddit. And writing fantastic and evergreen content works the best for LinkedIn. 

The point is, there are different tactics and tricks to make things work out, all you have to do is try and test them. Traffic takes time to start until it flows. 

No Consistency

The third thing which sinks most of the blogs in the deep water is no consistency.

Blogging constantly can increase your visibility and traffic. Not only on your blog but on every social media too. 

Unfortunately, the “blog when you have something to say” approach doesn’t work anymore. Do you know why? Because there is a lot of competition going on. Thousands of people are posting new content every minute. 

To become an authority in your niche you need to produce high-quality, fresh, and consistent content. Otherwise in this distracted, crowded internet world, getting attention is hard. 

Not only visitors but search engines also love updated and fresh content. So, if you’re looking for massive SEO traffic, don’t forget the consistency.

Not Producing Enough (& Valuable Enough) Content.

Quality or quantity? People ask.

I say “Quality + quantity = traffic”.

You have to find in between quality and quantity. No, I’m not saying that 4 trash blog posts are better than 1 fantastic one. But, not updating your blog can hurt your SEO. 

Harper from Income School says “more the pages, more the traffic”. People will not visit your site if there is no reason to visit. As simple as that.

You never know when and which one of your blog posts will blow up, so, the more the pages on your blog, the more the chances for you to go viral. 

And please don’t take it in the wrong way. I’m not asking you to throw 500 word posts twice a day. 

If you’re starting, I would say post at least 3 blog posts in a week. Make sure to put value in them. Don’t just throw whatever comes to mind, research your topic and create the best blog post about that specific topic on the SERPs. 

Another effective tip for unique article writing coming from income school’s Harper. He said when he sits down to write a blog post, he eliminates the first couple of ideas that come to his mind. Because those are the most common things and can be found anywhere. 

Most of the time, these are the things that automatically come to one’s mind while talking about it. Do you know what happened to me yesterday?

I was playing a game on my mobile and it crashed. It happened several times before I tried to look for a fix on the internet. And all the articles on the first page were telling me the same thing. Like: restart your phone, clear the game’s cache, try reinstalling the game. 

Like, if it was that simple, why would I have bothered to look it up on the internet.

My question remained unanswered as I went back (hopeless) and tried to fix it myself.

Nobody would ever want to read your article if it has the same things to say that everybody has already said. If a topic is already beaten to death and you have nothing new to write about it, please don’t write about it.

Not Working Hard Enough

This is dead simple and obvious.

If you’re not willing to put in work, you’ll never rise.

So, before I started this blog, I used to blog on blogger (a.k.a blogspot). 

But, there was a problem with me, I was a mega procrastinator. Days would pass without updating my blog. I gave absolutely zero attention as compared to what a blog needs to grow. 

Anyway, after I saw little to no traffic in more than 3 months. I searched why I was not getting any traffic. That’s when I stepped into the world of search engine optimization. And, with extreme hard work and dedication, I was able to get that blog to more than 3000 visitors per month in just 4 months.

I know that’s not very impressive but still a good score for someone who started with 0 knowledge.

So, if you’re not working hard enough you’re not going to do well in the long run. It’s suggested to log in to your blog every day. Even if you don’t have a new article to publish. Still, log in to it and track your progress, approve comments, look after your site, and let the momentum flow. 

Treat your blog like a business. 

Not Spending Money

Look, this is something serious. You know already that domains and hosting costs a few dollars a month.

And cheapest options are costing you just $0.99 every month.  

And a custom domain looks X100 more attractive and professional. And nobody trusts free domains (a.k.a subdomains) blogging websites. 

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And the reason most probably people start blogging is building a passive income. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to earn a decent amount of money doing what you already love doing.

And, we all know earning without hosting and a little bit of investment is almost impossible. 

A subdomain can be a troublemaker. 

From many of them, stating some of the reasons why subdomain is not a good idea:

  • People don’t trust a brand unless it has a self-hosted blog. 
  • Ranking a self-hosted blog is much easier to rank as compared to a free blog. 
  • You’ll struggle to build backlinks.
  • You don’t have freedom of speech.
  • A free blog is not yours and the operators can delete it at any time.

And when I’m talking about spending money I don’t just mean hosting and domain but also different tools that can help you in the long run. Like a keyword research tool and a lot of others that can be beneficial and save your time.

Focusing On Single Search Engine Only

beginner blogging mistakes

Most of the blogs die in the first year of their launch. And most of the time the reason is lack of traffic. 

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is forgetting about other search engines. 

There are more search engines than Google. No doubt Google is the biggest one but still, that doesn’t mean you should ignore others. 

There are hundreds of other search engines like YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, etc. 

And you know what? 

YouTube has more monthly users than Bing & Yahoo combined. 

ICYMI: YouTube has more than 2.3 Billion users. And almost 79% of internet users have a YouTube account, according to Oberlo.

beginner blogging mistakes
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Why are you missing out on that traffic? 

In the same way, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Pinterest, and all the search engines get a lot of traffic too. 

In fact, there are a lot of blogs that only get traffic from only Pinterest. And, don’t consider them dead blogs. Because a lot of them get more than millions of viewers every month.

A question for you. Have you connected your site to the Bing webmaster tool?

The Bing webmaster tool is Bing’s answer to Google’s search console. They both have the pretty same interface and just like search consoles, Bing webmaster can help you increase your reach.

So, this is I believe the biggest mistake bloggers make. They only try hard to rank on google which is already dominated by big dogs in the niches that are why most of the new blogs don’t even get to the first page on the SERPs.


Starting a blog and growing it is a roller coaster of emotions. You get tired, you feel like quitting. But, before you take that step let me tell you that a blog can change your fortune. 

You can make a living without having to leave your bed. 

And making mistakes at the start is how we humans grow. So, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, try to look for a solution, fix the problem and keep going!

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Thank you for reading. 

Did you make these beginner blogging mistakes when you started blogging? 

If not, what were some of the mistakes you made?

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