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10 Best Blogger Templates For Micro Niches (AdSense Friendly)

The templates that Blogger officially offers are minimalistic and basic. But Blogger doesn’t force you to choose from their built-in themes.

If you didn’t like them, no worries! Because you can always download uncountable other themes from third-party websites or buy them from marketplaces.

There are paid and free templates similar to WordPress themes.

Please note: these themes are not limited to micro-niche blogs. If you liked one of it, you can use it on blog regardless of its type/style. The term micro-niches was only used because they fit single category blogs perfectly.

Also Note: I do not created these templates and nor do I have any affiliation with them. The advice is purely to help the visitors like you! 🙂

Let’s begin the list.


The responsive and single-column theme, especially for the blog in micro-niches. With a full-size image thumbnail and clean interface, Codeify is the perfect choice for single niche blogs.


An extremely beautiful and responsive theme with a call-to-action button at the top followed by 2-column featured post and 3 column interface at the end. Perfect choice for solo or multi-author blogs.


Responsive plus lightning fast template designed to look beautiful on any kind of blogs. With clean and simple interface, it is especially for you if you like simple yet beautiful designs.

It has a ticker at the beginning followed by a featured post. And another thing I liked the most in this template is the categories above the title tags, so you can show the visitors exactly what they might be interested in.

Most importantly, that can decrease bounce rate, that’s something search engines love to see while ranking the content.

Underneath that super cool head is a 2-column body that shows 7 recent posts. That’s not even everything, because if you scroll all the way to the footer, there is still a 3-column space for any three widgets of your choice.

Minimal Blog Theme.

If you didn’t like the previous ones, this one is for you. This theme has a minimalistic design. And it comes with full customization and mobile responsiveness.

This 2-column interface blog theme has a scroll able left sidebar that scrolls up as the visitor scrolls down.


This is the simplest template as compared to the others on this list. So, if you were still looking for the most simple one, consider this one as a gift. It looks super cool with vintage thumbnails and no sidebar. Just your recent blog posts spread over the page.

However, If you click one of the posts, a right-hand sidebar appears, where you can easily place your desired widgets.

Sora SEO 2.

When I started blogging with BlogSpot, I used this theme on my blog. And honestly, this one is extremely beautiful. A couple of visitors even complimented me for my blog’s design.

It’s a simple 2-columns design template. The colors are what make this template so appealing and beautiful.


This one is especially for solo bloggers that are into micro-niches. In this template, you’ll see two featured posts at the top. Below, you’ll see a 2-columns interface with the author’s biography at the left sidebar.

The best thing is the recent post widget, which doesn’t look special at first, but as you hover your mouse over the titles, thumbnails will appear. This is by far the best recent post widget I’ve ever seen.


Alva is one of the most beautiful Blogger templates ever produced. It has gradient background and is mobile-friendly.

Alva is a free theme that looks like a premium one.

2-columns interface with popular post widget, social networks widget, and much more.


This violet-colored theme is a great pick if you want something in between style and simplicity. Celfie shows five featured posts at the beginning and six recent posts in the body. So your visitors never miss any important content.

It supports 3 columns in the footer for widgets.


I saved this one for the last. This one suits the businesses more than anything else.

Holiday is my favorite on this list. I can’t name a single thing that I love the most about this template, because each and everything seems so perfect.

There is a slider at the beginning, followed by a map to help visitors locate your business. Underneath is the about section and on the left-hand side, you can see recent posts.

There is just too much to talk about this template.

How to download a Blogger template.

Choose any theme from the above 10 (or there are countless others on third party websites). And click the download button. After a couple of seconds the downloading will start.

After it’s done, all you have to do is log in to your Blogger blog and select ‘themes’.

Now click on this arrow, a drop-down menu will appear, then select ‘restore’.

Note: changing a template is one of the easiest things in this world but still, anything can go wrong. So, it’s always good to back up your files. In the case of any inconvenience, you won’t lose your valuable data.

Locate and select the XML file from where you saved it.

Bingo! now you have a new theme.

At last, don’t forget to check out how your blog looks and if everything looks exactly like you wanted to.

How to choose the perfect template for your blog.

Before everything else, you should check the mobile responsive(ness) of a theme. Go to this mobile responsive test tool (Google created this, so you can trust it) and type in your URL.


Alternatively, you can do this by resizing your browser.

The next thing you should check is its speed. The procedure is pretty the same just go to this tool called PageSpeed Insights and put your URL. Check the speed before and after and you’ll see if the theme is worth it or not.

Some templates are way heavier than others because of their code. So it’s always rewarding to choose light-weighted templates.

Final words.

If you can’t choose a template because you’re looking for a perfect template, then sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist.

I have been where you (probably) are right now. I remember pulling my hair because there was something wrong with every template that I had downloaded.

At last, I learned that a blog’s beauty lies in its content.

I’m not saying that design is useless or you shouldn’t care about the website’s design. No! An appealing website is always 100% better than a website with a not-so-good layout. But the point here that I’m trying to make is crappy content supported by a beautiful design won’t be successful but a crappy design supported by good quality content can be successful.

Suggested: What Does Quality Content Means In The Eyes Of Google.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m honored to have here.

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