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Descriptive Guide — How To Grow Your Blog In 2021

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Everyone wants to know how to grow your blog. That’s exactly why I’m writing this descriptive guide. This guide will walk you through all the steps that you have to take to grow your blog fast.

Starting a blog is a roller coaster of emotions. You start, sometimes you get great rewards and at the other time you feel extremely devastated even after giving your 100%. 

You can already imagine it in your head if you’ve already gone through this difficult situation. 

Sometimes time is tough, you feel like quitting. But hear me out, that difficult time could make you the next big thing. 

All the big blogs we love to read also started from where you and I did. So, why are you being so impatient? 

As the old Japanese proverb go:

“If one can do, you can too. If none can do, you must do”. 

We all are in the same boat. We all struggle in the beginning. It’s not easy to write awesome content, collect backlinks, and fight with your technical problems all alone. 

It all requires some time and dedication. 

Every business requires dedication and sweat just like blogging. 

If it was that easy, everyone would be a millionaire now-a-days.

There is a thing which everyone is not willing to do. That’s giving your whole energy and time. If you listen to any person behind a successful blog. They all will say “we went nights without sleeping”. 

There is a reason why growing a blog is not so easy. 

If you don’t know how to create a blog, here is a simple guide on it. 

To start a blog and grow a blog first of all you need a good host. 

A bad hosting can cause you as many problems as you have hair on your head.

So starting with a great host is necessary. 

Here is my pick for good hosting:

GoDaddy is a great host and domain registrar. They are extremely affordable with great services. If you’re thinking of starting a blog godaddy is a good solution.

Now as you have a beautiful blog it’s time to choose a niche.

Be specific while choosing a blog’s niche. 

The first thing is that you can’t write whatever you like and expect people to engage with it. You have to choose a niche

So, the first thing you need to do is to choose a wide niche so you don’t run out of blog posts topics ahead in time. 

Best niches to start your blog with:

  • Health and fitness: health and fitness is a broad niche. Starting your blog around this niche can help you create a winning blog.
  • Finance: there are countless people always trying to find different ways to save and invest their money. And, if you think you can help them you’re probably going to make a lot of money. 
  • Parenting: every moment a newborn comes into this world and with them a new pair of parents. That is why parenting blogs are so popular. 
  • Lifestyle: lifestyle is another excellent niche to start with. There are so many popular blogs in this niche and they are earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Blogging: this one might come as a surprise to you but there is a reason why blogging is growing day by day. Not only because it is profitable but also because people love blogging. 
Note: these niches stated above are just for an example, there are a lot more niches you can start with. But you should start with a popular niche.

You might wonder why choosing a niche is beneficial for you. It’s because Google prefers niche sites over those who write whatever. 

And if you will be posting content around that one specific niche, your audience will know exactly what to expect. 

Imagine you read a good blog post about content marketing, you liked that post so you subscribed to their newsletter. 

The next day you get a chocolate cake recipe email from the same site. What will you do?

Most probably unsubscribe. Because you don’t want to make a chocolate cake — unless you want to make one.

When you put content around the same niche you become authority in that one niche. And if you made it there, nothing can stop you from getting thousands of new visitors everyday. 

And before choosing a niche ask yourself are you really into that stuff. Because if not, you might never succeed. 

Neil Patel, a famous entrepreneur and content marketer once stated that he started a nutrition blog where he was getting much more traffic than his actual blog and as a result of that, he was making good money out of it. 

But due to lack of interest he had to close it. 

And this might be the case with you too. Choose something you love to talk about. Because that’s the only way you will keep going. 

Another big reason is that the wider your niche is, the more people are interested in your content. You can have a good CTR (click through rate) just by choosing the right niche. 

Ok you have a blog, you have chosen a niche. Time to write an awesome blog post. 

Write An Awesome Blog Post

Ok, so let me be honest with you, but there is no formula to perfect a blog post. 

Because if there was any, everybody would be writing awesome blog posts, says Brain Dean from backlinko over his YouTube channel. 

So, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it because there are some ways you can always use to make people go “wow” over your posts. 

While talking about an awesome blog post, you can’t ignore formatting.


Most people just skim instead of reading the whole thing. And that’s absolutely ok to skim. Sometimes you don’t have time, or even you don’t like reading the whole lot of writing. 

And formatting makes it easier for people to skim. Not only that formatting also pleases the eyes of the reader and makes it easy for visitors to understand your writing.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while formatting:

  • Write Short Paragraphs: shorter paragraphs are a lot easier to read especially on tiny screens of mobile phones. So, don’t use paragraphs longer than 6-7 lines.
  • Divide Your Post Into Headings And Subheadings: this one is another good thing for skimmers. Small chunks help skimmers easily skim and understand the context. 
  • Use Lists And Bullet Points: lists are a lot easier and pleasing to the eyes of visitors. 
  • Use Bold, Italic, And Underline: use bold, italic, and underline when needed. They are nice to put a weight on different words.

The next step is to write beautiful headlines so good that people can’t ignore them.

Write Catchy Headlines

Neil Patel says put as much time in writing a blog post headline as much as you do in writing a whole blog post.

And this has worked for many creators in growing their blogs.

One small change in your headline can bring you hundreds of new visitors which makes it the easiest point in this list. 

Write your headline so well that people can’t resist clicking on it.

Here is a post from Buzzsumo where they analyzed 100 million headlines.

Here is what they found:

Best length for a headline is around 16-18 words and 80-110 characters. 

Lengthier headlines work better than shorter ones. 

And headlines starting with these 20 phrases has higher chance of getting social shares:

  1. X reasons why…
  2. X things you…
  3. This is what…
  4. This is the…
  5. This is how…
  6. X of the…
  7. X ways to…
  8. This is why…
  9. The X best…
  10. How to make…
  11. These are the…
  12. Here are the…
  13. How to get…
  14. X stunning photos…
  15. X things that…
  16. X things to…
  17. You can now…
  18. The X most…
  19. X things only…
  20. Why you should…

And when talking about lists, number 10 topped the list. 

Another great idea is using brackets and parentheses. 

Study by Buzzsumo found that using brackets and parenthesis can increase ctr (click through rate) to 38%. 

Brain Dean from backlinko backs this research and shares that 6 out of 10 most popular blog posts either have brackets or parenthesis. 

These emotional headlines also did well on the Facebook:

  1. Tear of joy
  2. Make you cry
  3. Give you goosebumps
  4. Is too cute
  5. Shocked to see
  6. Melt your heart 
  7. Can’t stop laughing

So, does that mean you have to start every headline with one of those phrases?

No, nope, never. If you think it makes sense go for it, otherwise please do not.

Don’t do anything that can affect your readability, because search engines are getting smarter and stuffing your keyword here and there won’t make any difference in your website’s SEO. The only impact it can have is the one you don’t want — a negative impact. 

So, you just wrote a perfect headline. But, people are not going to search your blog on Google to read your catchy headline. You have to put it before their eyes. 

Talking about this takes me to the next part which is not really easy and requires a lot of dedication and energy. It’s marketing.

Grow Your Blog With Promotion

If you got a few dollars paid ads are the best option. But I know there are people on budget. And that’s why free marketing is a thing. 

Promoting your content does not mean sharing your post on your timeline. Content promotion is more than that. 

Ok, so the best marketing platforms according to me are Facebook & Twitter. 

Many creators use Pinterest & Reddit but I haven’t yet found any success from them.

Another great opportunity is forums and the most popular among them is Quora. 

If you want to read XX ways to promote your content for free read this blog from XYZ from ABC.

Here are a few steps you can take to grow your blog fast using social media.

Join Facebook Groups

This method has always worked for me. Join different Facebook communities of fellow content creators. 

Because all the people there are trying to grow their blogs, they’ll take no time in clicking your link. 

Not just getting traffic, Facebook communities can be beneficial in other ways too like:

  • Getting freelance work
  • Building connections with other bloggers
  • People are always there to help

You can also exchange backlinks or even views. Just post your content with a #visitforvisit hashtag and people will visit your blog for a visit back. 

Another great way to grow a blog using Facebook is to create a facebook page.

Growing a Facebook page is much easier than growing your following somewhere else. 

Create a page and invite your friends to like it. 

There are many other ways you can use to grow your facebook page, one of them is commenting on other pages in the same niche. 

Promote Your Content Using Twitter

A great feature you can use is hashtags. Remember that, hashtags are your friends. 

When you publish a tweet it will be seen by your following but when you use hashtags it will go beyond your followers.

Make a use of hashtags, for example if you wrote a blog post covering the topic of SEO. Go into Twitter’s search bar and enter #SEO. You’ll be shown thousands of people tweeting with that hashtag. 

Jump into all of their posts and leave a short comment and ask them to share if it helped in the end. 

This trick worked for me, and it will for you too. 

And if you want to increase your twitter followers, have a look at this site called

This site compiles a list of people who are waiting for you to follow them so they can follow you back. How cool is that? 

Well, not really much because that is not your targeted audience. I just shared this with you in case you want to increase your following.

Promote Your Content Using YouTube

YouTube is another great place to send enormous traffic to your blog.

I think you already know these guys from income school. If not, I would recommend checking them out. 

They create awesome content on how you can successfully create and grow your blog from scratch. 

They suggest creating a YouTube channel because great content over YouTube gets easily shared on social media and that is a great way to grow your blog.

And many people believe that you need an expensive camera and great quality gear to kick start your channel. But, that’s not always the case. 

Income School is a great example who create their content using their mobile phone’s camera with no microphone nor any other resources. 

People just want answers to their questions. Nobody really pays attention to what camera & microphone you’re using. Except for some over-smart people who think they are smarter than Albert Einstein. 

Answer Questions On Quora 

Another great method to bring in a lot of traffic. Answering different questions around your niche with your blog’s link at the end can help you get that big spike on your search console. 

Also join communities around your niche. And browse through them. 

You’ll come across many questions that you know the answer to.

Don’t tell everything in the answer, just post a paragraph or two and put a link to your blog in the end and ask people to head over to your blog. And again ask them to share. 

Reach Out To Influencers

Create content using an influencer’s name and ask them gently to have a look at it and share if they enjoy it. There is a 90% chance they’ll do. 

Neil Patel once shared that when people email me their blogs and ask me to share them I always do. 

But, you know your blog has to be of that favor to get a share from Neil.

Doing all that will help you see that huge spike in analytics but that spike will fade away in a day or two. And the only thing which can fix this is search engine optimization shortened as SEO (we will talk about this later)

Ok, now you know the strategy of how to promote content. 

But promoting content without creating new ones is not of any benefit. 

So the next step is blog regularly

Blog Consistently

Once again I would like to talk about this great research from income school guys. 

They created a niche site and kept on putting content. When they were near hundred posts they found something extremely astonishing.

With no promotion or paid ads. They were already getting 6000 visitors to their blog every month. And their website already had over a hundred backlinks. 

And that’s just unbelievable.

I don’t want you to stop promotion and start creating new content. No, always quality before quantity. 

I just shared this to make you understand the importance of consistent blogging. I hope you understand now. 

Google has already said that the blog who updates consistently will be prioritized before the ones that are not getting updated. 

And one more thing, you don’t just need to create more content but also have a look at the older ones. 

Optimize your older posts and they’ll appear new on the SERP. 

Don’t forget to link back to them when writing your new blog posts.

The next step is: 

Start Collecting Emails

You might feel guilty ahead in time for not collecting emails from the start.

Because many big things consider this thing their biggest blogging mistake. 

Email subscribers are the most loyal people on the earth. Tell them to click this link, they will do it. Tell them to buy your product, they won’t hesitate. Tell them you’re selling a course, they’ll be there. 

Chances of a visitor to come back to your site are only 5% that means only 5 people out 100 will ever come back to you. And? What about the other 95?

That’s why collecting emails is necessary.

That way you can let 95% of people know to come back and have a look at your brand new blog post. 

Simple And Effective Ways To Collect Emails

The best way to collect emails is to create awesome content. Because that’s the only way people are going to subscribe. 

Some other effective strategies you can use:

Offer Something For Free

Give people some reason to hand you their emails. Give a $5 worth of ebook for free. 

Or write one yourself and give them as a reward for people subscribing to your newsletter. But be sure your book is error free and worth the read. Otherwise people will just unsubscribe. 

Do Giveaways

The best way to collect emails is giveaways. People are dying to get stuff for free. You just have to play a little game. 

Do a giveaway on your blog and ask people to enter their email addresses in order to participate.

Use Contact Form

When you write a blog post not every individual will be satisfied with it. Some may love it but others will find it difficult to understand. 

In both cases people might try to reach you. 

That’s a great opportunity to steal their emails. 

Put your contact form widget somewhere on your site with three columns. 

collect emails with contact form

Collect Emails Before Comment

This one is not my favorite because it might decrease the comments on your site. 

People sometimes don’t really like the idea of leaving their emails just to leave a comment. 

But this is still a good idea for collecting emails as many people like to leave their thoughts at the end. 

A great way to increase getting comments is to end your post with a question.

  • Share your thoughts below
  • What do you think?
  • Did I leave something which should be on the list?
  • What ways do you use to…?

All these are great phrases to end up your posts. 

Next step is avoiding thin content.

Write Descriptive Articles

Pillar posts, Descriptive guides, and step-by-step articles are all good for growing your blog. 

A page having less than 300 words is considered thin content. So, you should NOT write anything smaller than 300 words because, that’s not going to rank anyway. 

Study from backlinko found out that the average word count of the pages ranking on the first page of google is 1447. 

That clearly proves that smaller content is no longer valuable to the search engines. But still that’s great for getting social media engagement. 

A study found out that the best word count for getting most comments is 300-400 words. 

But that’s not the case with search engines.

Back in the days it was easy to rank with 500 word posts but now 500 is minimum demand.

2500 words is not the maximum, if your posts are even lengthier even better. 

There is one blogger who earns more than $80,000 every month, his name is Adam Enfroy. You can check his income reports here. 

So, let’s get it to the point, he writes 10,000+ word posts. 

Most of his blog posts could be turned into a healthy book. And he believes that is the reason he ranks so well over the google.

An article’s length is not everything, you should not write whatever for the sake of word count.

But, if there is a chance to make your posts in-depth or lengthier you should take that. 

That being said, we are moving to our final part which is search engine optimization.

This one is the best and the easiest way to grow your blog. 

SEO is a huge topic that can’t be covered in a single blog post.

Optimize Your Content For Search Engines

There are 200+ factors google checks before ranking a website. You can’t take care of 200 plus things at once. But there are some of the most important things you should take care of. 

A blog can take days or months or even years before appearing on google. Indexing method is unpredictable.

For example, this blog took 28 days to appear on google. And my blogspot blog took more than 6 months. 

You can see, it varies. 

Target Low Difficulty Keywords

You can’t rank for any keyword you want right? 

Because there are bigger blogs in the industry with greater domain authority than yours. 

Just because you can’t rank for whatever you want, you’ll have to find a keyword you can rank for.

To do so you’ll have to use a keyword planner. Be it SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Ubersuggest you can use any one of them. 

I’ll advise Ubersuggest because it is free — I know you have 3 free searches each day but if you clear your browser cookies and reload you’ll get three more and this process could be repeated as many times as needed.

But if you don’t want to use Ubersuggest, you can always use google’s free keyword planner.

Open Ubersuggest and search for a keyword. In results, you can see how many times this keyword gets searched every month. 

The next thing is keyword difficulty, now that’s the thing you are looking for.

For your new website find a keyword with high search volume and low keyword difficulty such as less than 25. 

Once you find the keyword, start writing. 

Use that keyword in these places:

  • Headline
  • Introduction
  • In any heading or subheading 
  • Conclusion
  • Post’s url
  • Image alt text
  • Meta description

The most important talk now, listen this is something not everyone’s going to tell you. 

Using your keywords in all those areas doesn’t mean that you secured the number one place on google and no one is going to dethrone you. 

A study by mangools found that you can even rank for keywords you didn’t use in your posts. 

Search engines are getting smarter day by day. So, it’s almost impossible to trick them into ranking your content.

So, the best you can do to increase your chances of getting ranked is to write better.

Mobile Friendliness

Another important factor for search engines is mobile friendliness. Considering 55% of internet users are using mobiles and tablets. 

That means optimizing your content for mobile is a must. 

Check your website from a mobile user’s perspective and be sure the font is not too big or small and is easy-to-read.

Increase Your Website’s Load Speed

Google has their own website speed checking tool called pagespeed insight.

Check your website’s speed, if it’s not really impressive you need a new host. 

There are still plenty of things you can do to increase your website speed.

Such as:

  • Optimize your images
  • Don’t show too many posts on home
  • Use cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache

Build Backlinks

Another big factor in ranking on search engines is backlinks. 

Building backlinks is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. 

I want to take you a bit back on this post where we talked about an experiment from income school. 

They wrote good content and earned backlinks. 

People used to buy backlinks back in time. But now, it’s simply not possible. 

Because if you are getting a backlink from a site with little to no content, search engines consider them dead links. 

And they are of no use. 

Some strategies to build Backlinks are:

  • Guest posting: while you guest post on a website, they usually offer you an opportunity to link back to your website or blog.
  • Helping brands with deadlinks: first of all find any business, website, or blog that is dead, or they don’t offer their services, or they moved to a new domain. 

Find dead links and email their owners and let them know that you have written a piece of content worth looking at. 

In the later part of the email ask them to remove that dead link and put yours. Most people will love to share that. 

  • Write Descriptive Guides: easiest way to earn backlinks is to write descriptive guides covering the whole topic in a single post. That way when people will be talking about you, they’ll be linking back to you.
  • Create Infographics: this one is also a piece of cake. Create infographics using software like canva and make it clear that people can use it everywhere. That way, when people will use your graphics they’ll be linking back to you. 
  • Do Your Own Research: you can look back at this post and see how many times I talked about different blogs’ researches to prove my points. 

And when you do your study people will have to link back to you while mentioning what you found in your studies somewhere on their blog.

Optimize Your Images

Images are the biggest culprits of your site’s slow load speed. That is why optimizing them is extremely necessary. 

I have a detailed guide on optimizing images. If you want to have a look at it, please head over to this page

Here are key steps to optimize your images:

  • Fill in (Alt text) Alternative text
  • Write description box
  • Write image caption
  • Resize images
  • Compress images using plugins. 

If you want to get in details please jump here. 

Final Words

Growing a blog is never easy. It takes time to write amazing content, building backlinks, understanding things, and getting traffic. But the time it takes is absolutely worth it. 

That’s it. 

I hope you got something new to learn and found this descriptive guide meaningful. If so, please share it with your friends.

Subscribe to my newsletter to get such kind of content every week. 

Hope you had a nice time here, thank you for reading.

Tell me your stories of how you grew your blog in the comments.

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