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10 Free Themes For WordPress Blogs (Free + Full Customizable)

There are countless paid and free themes for wordpress blogs that you can use to make your blog aesthetic, beautiful, and appealing. 

A great design is the first thing you should consider while starting a blog. There are countless blogs out there on the web. To stand out of the crowd, you would need a beautiful theme.

And a great style and design can literally boost your sales. A great design makes it easy for the visitors to understand your products and make better decisions. 

Some free themes for wordpress blogs offer limited customization but there are few that shine in the crowded place. 

Best Free Themes For WordPress Blogs

Sharing with you 10 of these free themes that offer full customization:


Neve is an easy-to-use and beginner friendly theme. You can get started with this theme in a couple of minutes. 

Neve offers full customization without having to buy their premium plan.

This theme is super easy to set up and works with most of the page builders. This theme is the best choice for you if you want full customization on how your blog looks.

For advanced features you can buy their premium. Which starts from $59 to $89 per year. 

Ocean Wp

Ocean wp is another simple, easy, and minimalistic theme for your blog. This one does not limit customization to push you into purchasing their full plan. 

Ocean wp is completely easy and beginner friendly, and this theme is used by leading companies on their blogs. Because of their simplicity and energy everybody loves ocean wp. 

Ocean wp does not have any premium plan that means all the functions are completely free to use. 


Astra is lightweight, fastest, and highly customizable. In total almost 1,653,898+ websites use Astra. 

It is super fast, especially made for page builders.

You can completely change the design and look without having any coding knowledge. 

You can also benefit from their ready made theme templates that can save you a lot of time. 

And if you want full customization Astra also offers a pro version where you get advanced header builder, advanced layout, sticky headers, custom layouts and hooks, advanced topography, and much more. 

There are 3 pro plans. Astra pro which is $59, Essential bundle which is $169, and growth bundle which is $523. 

There are different benefits and features in expensive bundles such as ultimate addons for page builders. 


As it can be understood from its name Writee is a theme specially made for blogs. The theme is extremely fast and lightweight. It also is easy to set up and mobile responsive. 

A great feature this theme has is it’s already translation ready. That means, if you’re creating a blog using Writee your visitors can translate your blog into 7 different languages (such as: Arabic, German, Russian, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish)

The theme already has more than 10,000 active installs.

To get more flexibility you can buy Writee premium which is $34.99 for one site.


Number one news selling theme Newspaper is a must for magazines and multi niche blogs or websites. 

Newspaper is already feature rich and mobile responsive. 

You can have your hands on this beauty for just $59. 


Are you a fan of simplicity? Do you like simple themes with no fancy graphics or typography? If yes, I have the best theme coming for you. 

It’s Hemingway. 

Hemingway is a clean 2-column design specially designed for blogs. With clean and simple design it’s obvious this theme is fantastically fast. 

With a full size header image Hemingway looks extremely beautiful on the screens of computers or mobiles.


Hueman loads super fast and is easily customizable. Hueman offers different customization options for you to have complete action over how your blog looks.

Hueman has an option to show a ton of your blog’s posts on the home page, so as the visitor jumps on your blog they have more options to choose from. And it helps to let the visitor keep reading by offering them different articles they might be interested in.

Hueman is a 3-column WordPress blog theme specially suitable for magazines and blogs with multi-niches.


Mordene is one of the most beautiful wordpress themes. It comes with a slider on the top along with a 2-column design also with a lot of customization for you to make it look exactly like you want. 

Moderne is an excellent choice for food & fashion blogs.

Blog Diary

free themes for wordpress blogs

A fan of minimalism would love this theme. Blog diary is an elegant solution if you want to get your blog ready in minutes. 

Blog diary is a multipurpose blog theme and works with all kinds of blog niches, be it fashion, finance, parenting, marketing, SEO, or many many more, blog diary is for every niche. 


Sparker is a simple and easy to use, user friendly and elegant theme for blogs & magazine sites.

This theme has beautiful features such as sliders, featured post columns, header and footer options and much more.

This theme is very lightweight and loads extremely fast. With custom widgets for author info & ads place, your ads won’t look spammy even if you have auto ads on. 

Sparker also provides support for whatever you’re stuck with. 

Final Words

These were the best free themes for wordpress blogs that offer good customization, but there are some that do not give that much freedom but those are the ones that hardly need any changing. Just take an example of the Newspaper theme, there’s nothing much you would want to change in that.

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