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H-Supertools Review — Forever Free SEO Tool

Since you clicked on this article, I believe either you know what this tool is or you’re trying to figure it out. 

If you’re in the second condition, this h-supertools review can help you.

H-supertools is a free SEO tool owned by Hasan AboulHasan. Hasan is the founder of H-educate. He experiments with his blogs and shares his findings on his YouTube channel and his blog to help new bloggers grow their blogs.

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There are a lot of different features in this super helpful free tool, keyword research tool, high CPC keywords explorer, website analyzer, just to name a few. 

Let’s take a deep look at some of them one by one. 

Keyword Research Tool 

The most useful (in my opinion) is this free forever keyword research tool. 


Yes. Hasan has clearly said that this tool will always be free. 

You all know the importance of keyword research in blogging. 

  • It can help you write content that people actually want to read. 
  • It can help you get a lot of organic traffic.
  • It can help you with content ideas. 
  • And the list will go on and on. 

There are a lot of keyword research tools in the market right now. But you know what discriminates this one from others?

This is 100% free. 

Not every person trying to blog has enough money to invest in a keyword research tool. And most of them are too expensive. Prices vary, but none of them looks comfortable for someone who’s on a budget. 

And this free forever tool is a good opportunity for them to target the right keywords and dominate the SERPs. (search engine result pages)

Since it’s free, you might question its accuracy. 

Let’s have a look at it. 

Let’s search for a keyword in h-supertools. 

This keyword “SEO” has 110K monthly searches on h-supertools. 

h supertools review
Results after searching “SEO” on h-supertools.

Now let’s search the exact keyword on Ubersuggest. 

Results after searching “SEO” on Ubersuggest

Did you see that? 

Exactly the same! That’s fantastic accuracy. 

Fun fact: monthly search volume is estimated and no keyword research tool except Google's keyword planner is 100% accurate. And they (Google) won't tell us the exact search numbers. 

If you take a peek at their competitor’s pricing, it looks something like this. 

Moz: $1188/year

SEMrush: $1428/year

Ahrefs: $1128/year

Note: these are the cheapest plans for individuals. Some of the plans would total up to $9000 if paid annually. 

And h-supertools is completely free. That’s fantastic for someone who’s just starting and doesn’t have a lot of money to invest in SEO tools. 

It’s not only keyword research tool h-supertools have another fantastic feature called…

High CPC Keywords Explorer

High CPC keywords explorer helps content creators find profitable keywords. 

You can increase your ads revenue just by targeting profitable keywords. 

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CPC stands for cost per click. It is an estimated value an advertiser is willing to pay on a specific keyword. Let’s take an example here. 

If you scroll a bit up you’ll see we searched for the term “SEO” which has $11.12 CPC. 

Competitive keywords always have high CPC.

For example: “SEO” is more profitable than “funny videos”.

Questions Explorer

If you want a lot of traffic, write what people want to read. Solve their problems and people will love to visit your website. 

And this free questions explorer will help you do that. 

Questions explorer can also work as a content idea generator. If you’re trying to find ideas for your new content try this free tool. Let’s try it together.

Let’s search for the term “SEO”. 

Questions explorer explored 130 questions.

Now let’s find the content ideas. 

  • How seo works.
  • How seo is done.
  • How can seo help your business

Easy right?

This tool also provides an SEO analyzer. This tool analyzes your website and helps you fix SEO issues on your website. 

YouTube Tools

Not just website owners but YouTubers can also benefit from this tool. H-SuperTools has a separate portion for YouTubers. 

You can research keywords or find the top ones. With the YouTube keyword tool or YouTube top keywords explorer. 

Just like Google or any search engine, YouTube also has proper SEO techniques that you have to follow to succeed. And one of those techniques is finding the right keywords. 

And that can easily be done with the help of the YouTube keyword tool. Just open the app and search for a keyword, let’s do it together. 

Search for a keyword. We’re searching “SEO”.

2M people search “SEO” on YouTube every month around the globe. So, targeting that keyword with a new channel might not be a good idea. 

Along with search volume and difficulty, h-supertools also suggests some more keyword ideas you can use.

h supertools review
YouTube Keywords tool showing related keywords for “SEO”

Instagram Hashtags Explorer

Not just bloggers and Youtubers but Instagrammers can also benefit from this super helpful tool. 

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To increase your reach on Instagram you would have to use popular hashtags. Doesn’t matter if you’re an influencer trying to increase your reach or a marketer looking for new clients. Hashtags are extremely important. 

Since hashtags are so important, this tool is a must-try. And why shouldn’t you try it because it’s completely free and easy to use? 

All you have to do is insert a keyword in the box and it will show you some hashtags you can use to increase your reach. 

Here I searched for “marketing”.

h supertools review
H-Supertools also show related hashtags with important data like totalposts, average likes, average comments, and average posts per hour.

While talking about h-supertools we can’t ignore its email marketing tools. 

Email Marketing Tools

Email Validation Tool tool checks email’s availability in Google’s database. You can check if an email is already registered with Google or not. 

That means you don’t have to worry about “this email is already taken”. 

Hasan claims this email marketing tool is 98% accurate. And you can blindly trust his claim because we have already checked its accuracy. 

Along with email validation, there is a bulk email validation tool where you can analyze up to 20 emails at once. It’s a big time saver!

See what Hasan has to say about his email marketing tool. 

Have you ever wanted to send an email but then receive a message that it is undeliverable? Perhaps the email address is not formatted properly, or maybe it doesn’t even exist! Or there may be some other problem as well.  

Email validation ensures that the email addresses are valid, safe, and deliverable. Our bulk email verification tool checks if the emails exist and are correct. However, it doesn’t let you know who is behind an email. It may be a bot or human being.

Hasan AboulHasan

Web Tools

Legal pages are extremely important for a blog or a website. And creating them could be costly sometimes. But not now! Because h-supertools have special functions just for that purpose. 

If you don’t have a privacy policy page just head over to h-supertools and go to the privacy policy generator. Fill in the blanks with your company name and your website url. In the end, click generate. 

h-supertools review

The same could be done for the disclaimer page with a disclaimer generator.

This tool also provides other tools like a link shortener.

L-ink Shortener

h supertools review

L-ink Shortener shortens the messy URLs and makes it easy and clean to paste it anywhere.

All you have to do is create a free account and start shortening links. 

While a lot of its competitors offer limited functionality without a premium plan, l-ink shortener does not limit its users to specific numbers. All you have to do is create a free account and start shortening links without any limits.

It’s not even everything because a lot more is coming soon!!!

h supertools review

H-Supertools Review: Conclusion

Do I recommend h-supertools?

A big fat YES! this is completely free and I don’t have any reason not to use it.

What do you think of this super helpful tool?

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