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Increase Traffic To Your Website With These 7 Plugins

Struggling to get traffic? Increase traffic to your website with these 7 plugins.

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Growing your blog is extremely difficult and time taking. To ease that process, I’m here with these 7 effective plugins to increase traffic to your website.

For those of you who has just started, downloading a plugin is extremely simple. All you have to do is go to your plugins section from dashboard and select add new. 

And simply type the keyword in the box to download different plugins. 

Just like everything in this world, overdoing it can hurt your website’s load speed. 

But don’t be always in fear of that because experts say you can have as many plugins as you want if they are helping you with your website in any way.

In fact, WP beginner suggests that you can install atleast 20 plugins without slowing your websites speed down on a not-so-good hosting. And, if you’re using a high class hosting that limit can go upto 50. 

Well, don’t let these numbers scare you, because these are just an estimate and not an accurate info. In short, you can get as many plugins as you want. 

Below sharing some tips to decrease number of plugins

  • Merge Down Plugins

Find plugins that can be merged. For instance, instead of downloading different plugins for creating XML for your site and optimizing your WordPress site. 

You can download one Jetpack plugin that can help you with both problems. 

  • Use One SEO Plugin

This might sound obvious but I’ve seen a couple of times people using 2 SEO plugins at the same time. 

If both of them are the same things and do exactly the same stuff, then what is the purpose of having it twice?

For example, if you’re using Yoast, stick with it, no need to download RankMath or AIOSEO.

Same way, if you’re using Rank Math stick with RankMath. Downloading more than one SEO plugin can hurt your websites SEO.

  • Use One Image Optimization Plugin

Just like different SEO plugins people also use different image optimization plugins. 

Both of these things are completely useless. One plugin for one purpose is enough. 

Related: Image Optimization (Optimize Your Images For SEO)

Sorry for a lot of writing before the actually list but people really get confused over how many plugins should they use. 

Anyway, starting our list:

Increase Traffic To Your Website: 7 Plugins

All the plugins I have mentioned below are free, that means you can increase your traffic with these plugins without having to spend a single dollar!


increase traffic to your website

So, the first one in the list is RankMath. To increase traffic to your website you should write better and RankMath makes it easier to write a better blog post. 

It can help you with ideal keyword density or ideal word count.


Well, it can help you with keyword density, ideal word count, internal and external linking, and much more. 

RankMath is a fantastic plugin specially for those who are just starting. 

You just set it up and it will help you write better by scanning your headline and the whole post. It points out things you missed out and things that must be added. 

Long story short, RankMath can help you create a perfect blog post.

Actually it indicates your mistakes (or you can say things that need attention) with three colors that are green, yellow, or red.

  • Green color means the thing is perfect and doesn’t need to change. 
  • Yellow color means there is a room for improvement and this thing could be improved.
  • Red color means this thing is critical and should be fixed as soon as possible!

Once you fix all those errors RankMath gives you estimated points out of 100. 

Not just that RankMath also helps in writing better headlines that can improve your CTR (click through rate).

Alternatives: YoastSEO, AIOSEO.

And the second one that can increase your traffic is…


increase traffic to your website

You might be thinking that how smush (an image optimization plugin) can help you increase your website’s traffic. 

Hear me out, last year Google released an update that was all about website’s speed. And they made it clear that website with fast load time will be prioritized over website with slower one. 

In that case Smush can be an excellent option to increase your website’s traffic. 

To increase your website’s load time, the best thing you can do is optimizing your images. Because, images are the biggest reason behind a slow loading website. 

ICYMI: Google has their own website speed checking tool called Google page insight.

The best you can do to decrease your load time is changing your host. But, there are some different tactics too that can help you maintain a fast loading site. If you want to read some of them head over to this awesome article by Search Engine Journal.

Basically what smush do is it compress the images to decrease their file size. In results, you get fast load speed. Because the higher the size of images on the page, the more time it will take to load. 

Basically, Smush can help you with your website’s speed, and website’s speed can help you with traffic. 

Alternatives: Ewww image optimization, Imagify.

XML Sitemap

increase traffic to your website with these 7 plugins

As it can be understood by their name, this plugin help websites create an xml sitemap. If you don’t know what an XML is, below is it’s introduction.

Actually XML sitemap is a file that help search engines index a website. It is said that, whatever you put there will be indexed faster than something that is not on the sitemap. 

You can also generate it without using the plugin. Just go on to the website called and *how website work*

Actually if you don’t have a sitemap file, google can still index your website but this thing boosts it. 

No other traffic can compete organic traffic, it is the best way because it’s free and it doesn’t fade away with time. No matter what kind of traffic attracting strategy you’re using, traffic will fade away with time. This thing doesn’t happen in oraganic traffic.

Once you reach that first position for a couples of keywords, you can stop worrying about traffic.

And you can’t get any organic traffic if you can’t be found on google or other search engines. So, it’s highly recommend to create an XML sitemap for your website. 

Let’s move to number 4th one…

Shared Counts 

You just wrote an awesome blog post, a visitor came to your website and read your blog. And he goes like “wow! what an informative blog post that is, I should share it with my friends. But wait! Where are the social sharing buttons?”

Did you see that! You might be losing a lot of free traffic if you don’t have a social sharing plugin. 

This one’s not the only plugin on the plugin store that provide social sharing buttons. There are many more, but what makes Shared Count special is it’s customization.

It’s fully customizable with a lot of options and that’s what we use here at

Setting it up is a piece of cake. All you have to do is install it and set up how you want your buttons to look and where you want them to show up.

You can put it before the post, after the post, or before and after the post. 

I believe before and after one is the best. Because if you’re using them before the post, the visitor will have to scroll all the way up to the beginning if he/she wants to share.

Alternatives: Sassy social sharing buttons, Simple social icons

Better Click To Tweet

increase traffic to your website
Better Click To Tweet is a fantastic plugin to get more social shares and traffic. Click To Tweet

Click to tweet simplify the process of sharing a post on Twitter. 

This tool encourage people to share your post on their walls. Because it’s extremely simple and easy to share with just a single click. Just point a couples of quotes or attention grabbing lines from your blog post and use this plugin to make them stand out. 

Its so simple to add this, all you have to do is to add click to tweet block from “Add block” option in the post editor.

plugins to increase website traffic
add click to tweet from “add block” section in wordpress

Site Kit By Google

increase traffic to your website

Yes, I know this is an analytics plugin but how are you supposed to know what people are looking for on your website without an analytics plugin. 

There are plenty of more in the market like Monster Insights or Insights. And every kind of analytics plugin can help you increase your website’s traffic. 

Actually sitekit let you see what users are actually looking for on your website and what kind of content they’re interacting with. So, you can produce more and more content like that.

Creating kind of content that your audience love is the best marketing strategy. Because of that people would be interacting with it, sharing it, loving it and you’ll be getting more and more traffic. 

Related Posts With Thumbnail 

A good list of related post can gradually decrease your bounce rate. If a person is reading your blog post, he/she is either looking for a solution, or is interested in the topic. 

And suggesting him/her more and more on that specific topic can help you keep that visitor sticked to your website. Not a lot of people talk about it, but, this thing works same as internal linking. 

Let’s take an example with numbers. 

Suppose you have 100,000 visitors every month and only 10% of that clicked one of your related post, that way you’ll be getting 10,000 more visitors without having to do ads or promotion.

So, this is a good opportunity. A very good way to get free traffic. 

Bonus tip: an attractive thumbnail can boost your CTR (click through rate).


Increase traffic to your website with these 7 plugins and let me know if these worked or not? If you want to read more about WordPress plugins, please head over to this guide

Small things add up to make big differences. So, small changes on your website like deleting some obsolete plugins, installing some new effective ones, renewing your older blog posts, or hitting the right keywords.

Small things like that can double your traffic in no time. Just give them a try and let me know if it worked or not. 

Thank you for reading, please let me know what you think of this post in the comments section. 

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