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Is Blogger (aka BlogSpot) Good For SEO Than WordPress?

Let’s talk about Google’s blogging platform and is Blogger good for SEO?

Does Blogger (aka Blogspot) users experience any privilege that self-hosted bloggers does not just because it’s owned by Google?

We’ll look into this from two perspectives. Number one is general, and number two is technical. Before that let’s go back to 1999 when Pyra Labs launched this beautiful platform.

Pyra Labs launched Blogger on August 23, 1999. Picasa was acquired by Google in 2004, and Picasa and its photo-sharing service Hello were incorporated into Blogger, enabling users to upload images to their blogs. (Source)

I don’t care what SEOs, webmasters, and publishers talk about this blogging platform. Because I have and I will always have a soft corner in my heart for this beautiful platform.

Did you know why?

It’s because this platform is filled with people just writing their heart out. And I’m one of those too. I started blogging with it and eventually started my self-hosted blog.

Most of the people writing on Blogspot are just writers who want to share their words with world. They just want to be known as writers, nothing else. They doesn’t have usually have affiliation with any kind of service provider.

If you got some time on your hands, try reading a couple of articles written by BlogSpot users. You’ll be amazed, you’ll find energetic people writing about their best experiences.

I’m starting a free blog on Blogspot so I can be millionare by 30.

said no one ever.

Not because they don’t want to but because that’s almost impossible.

How Google makes money?

This heading might feel irrelevant considering the topic you came here for. But please stick around, this will all come together.

Google generate most of the revenue from ads. And Google only makes money when you click on one of them. They also have other services like AdSense that help them earn more, but as I said earlier, most of their income come from ads.

So, if Google wants to make money they have to show you ads that you will most likely click on. And did you think Google won’t show a result in their SERPs just because an advertiser is using WordPress or Wix and not their owned Blogger?

Of course not!

They just want to make money.

In 2021, over 38.3 million websites use AdSense according to Wikipedia. And every time you open a website using AdSense and click on one of their ads, a small portion of their earnings will go to Google. So, once again Google have to show you the best results possible.

That doesn’t mean using Google AdSense or Google ads will boost your rankings. Google has clearly said:

PPC ads like Google Ads are paid online advertisements which appear next to relevant searches and other content on the web. Running a Google Ads campaign does not help your SEO rankings, despite some myths and claims

Google’s official blog (source)

All Google want is to make the environment user-friendly and show the best results possible for that search term. In order to make this possible Google works without any kind of discrimination between content management systems. Choose whatever you want, write great content and you’ll succeed.

Which CMS is better for SEO technically?

Let’s compare it with the most popular CMS, WordPress.

WordPress is a bit complicated as compared to Blogger. Blogger is so easy you can start a blog in less than 10 minutes.

Blogger creates a sitemap automatically, that help search engines crawl and index pages much faster. And their minimalistic built-in themes are light weighted and optimized for fast loading time.

On the other hand we have WordPress, where you have to do everything manually. But, we must not forget the uncountable plugins that WordPress supports. Think of something you can do at your blog and there’s probably a plugin for that.

Plugins make the life super easy, and WordPress takes a slight edge here over any other CMS.

Final Words

It’s better to go with self-hosted WordPress if you want to start a money making blog. However, if you’re looking for perfect CMS for SEO boost then sorry to burst your bubble because the thing you’re looking for doesn’t exist.

All you can do is create content with these question in mind that Google uses to determine quality of a web page. Because the only way to trick Google into ranking your content is creating content just like the way they want.

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