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Is Blogging Expensive? (Complete Breakdown)

If you’re thinking of starting a blog but you’re stuck in-between asking yourself is blogging expensive or not?

Let me answer that for you. 

No, blogging is not expensive at all. You can start your blog today for just $1.88 with Namecheap. It’s all up to you. If you buy premium themes, premium plugins, and paid services like professional writers or something then yes, blogging is expensive. Otherwise, it’s very inexpensive. 

The minimum cost of starting a blog.

If you go and search income reports on google, you’ll see people spending thousands of dollars on their blogs. 

As an example, look at quicksprout. They spend $20,000 (or even more) every month on their blog.

No doubt! Their blog loads lightning fast and looks beautiful because of all the money they’re spending. But for a new blogger spending thousands of dollars on their blog is nearly impossible. 

And I can say this is just insignificant. 

All you need to go online is a domain name plus hosting. 

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Buy hosting with Hostinger.


Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers in the market. It is reliable and provides 99.9 server uptime which is the best in the market. 

If you’re choosing “Premium shared hosting” which is for $2.59/mo. you’ll also receive a free domain. Unfortunately, this option is not available for Single shared hosting plan.

And if you want your website to load super fast, consider this private Cloud Startup option which is $9.99/mo

Buy hosting with Namecheap.


I’ve had a website hosted with this company and honestly, it is one of the best in the industry. 

They provide good 24/7 support and are one of the cheapest options available. 

The cheapest plan Stellar starts from just $1.88/mo. But that’s not the only option because if you want fast load times you can try their Pulsar hosting plan for just $9.88/mo.

Buy hosting with GoDaddy.


You say cheap WordPress hosting, I hear GoDaddy. 

Their cheapest plan starts from just $0.88.

You get 100GB storage, 10 databases, unmetered bandwidth, and 1-click WordPress install.

Conclusion: GoDaddy is the cheapest but I would recommend Hostinger or Namecheap. 

So, if we look at the expenses now the numbers look like this:

Hostinger: 2.59/mo

Namecheap: 1.88/mo

Godaddy: 0.88/mo

Doesn’t look expensive to me?

Let’s go for an even cheaper option. 

Free hosting services.

Not recommended!

If you can’t believe what you just read, yes! You read that right. It’s possible. There are companies hosting websites for free. 

However, these services are not like paid ones and don’t offer good performance and flexibility.

The best free hosting service that doesn’t suck is AccuWeb according to Smartblogger.

Free hosting is never recommended. As it’s not reliable and your website will take forever to load. 

Never had a chance to try them myself so all the advice and evidence is according to

So, now all you need is a domain to go online. 

Go to and get your domain registered and boom! There you go. 

Expense drops to $4.27. 

Let’s try even cheaper. 

We can’t get even cheaper, we’ll have to shift over to free options. 

As I said before, all you need to go online is a domain name along with hosting. 

Some companies are providing you both of them for free. Naming some of them:

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But there is a problem, the domain these companies offer are subdomains. Which means their names will also be chilling with your domain name.

For example:

I have said this before and I’ll say it again. Subdomains can be troublemakers. You will struggle to build backlinks and most importantly you’ll lose your credibility, which as a brand is one of the most important things.

A piece of advice from the author.

A simple checklist for all the expenses you would need to start a successful blog.

Good hosting (compulsory): First of all choose the hosting provider according to your budget. If you choose Namecheap shared hosting it will cost you $1.88 which adds up to $22.56 per year. As a bonus, you’ll get a free domain. Expense: $22.56

Some premium plugins (optional): Some plugins like WP Rocket can cause significant changes on your blog that can help you achieve higher rankings. Single plan for a single website. Expense: $49 + $22.56 = $71.56

Great design is a great marketing strategy. And Elemenator helps you create a unique design for your blogs with their drag and drop customization. If you subscribe to Elemenator’s premium plan it won’t cost you more than $49. Expense: $71.56 + $49 = $120.56

You can use some other useful plugins like Akismet. Expense: $8 + $120.56 = $128.56

Some of you might think why I didn’t include keyword research tools, it’s because I’m not their fan and I believe keyword research tools are a bit overrated.

There are free options like H-Supertools or Ubersuggest.

An SEO or blogging course that can help you monetize your work (optional): Doesn’t have to be a paid course, there are dozens on the web. I’m not promoting any course here. But you can’t figure out everything on your own. You either have to take help from those who figured out the problem, or you’ll spend hundreds of valuable hours staring at the screen screaming at yourself.

Honestly, you don’t always have to pay for it. Some channels and blogs are creating super helpful content for their respective blogs or YouTube channels. 

And sometimes experts give away this kind of information in exchange for your email address.

So you can grab all that information for free!.

The only necessary thing you need to start is a good hosting plus hard work.

If you can’t write content yourself hire the ones who can.

If you can’t write the content yourself (or don’t want to for some reason) you’ll have to hire professional writers for it.

Using Fiverr you can find writers that will write content for you. Prices vary, some writers may cost you $125-$150 per article but others will be ready to do it for $15.

Don’t forget to thoroughly check the submissions before choosing the right writer for you.


As we saw, blogging is not expensive at all except if you want to make it.

We can see from the examples above you can start a blog for just $4.27. But you might face serious problems going for the cheapest option.

Instead, go for the best option available. In this case (in my opinion) is Namecheap.

Thank you so much for reading, It is a pleasure having you here. 

With all the data above I’m leaving this question to you: is blogging expensive?

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