4 Convincing Reasons Why Google Blogger Is Not a Waste Of Time

If you’ve been here before, you would know that I started my first blog with Google’s owned Blogger.

Yesterday, I saw a blog post full of hate for this platform. And before that I have seen other bloggers talking bad about it. 

And seeing a lot of hate on this platform I decided to write an honest review about this free blogging platform.

Blogger might not be the best CMS for monetization, but there are different reasons why Blogger is not a waste of time


It’s super easy to use.

Before you start making money from your blog, it’s always better to focus on your content.

And I believe Blogger is the simplest option out there. You can create a blog in just 10 minutes and you can start creating content. 

Which is not similar to WordPress. Setting up a WordPress can be time-consuming. Especially for a beginner. 

Things like trying to choose a perfect theme, downloading essential plugins, and checking out SEO settings can easily take you a considerable amount of time. Which you could have invested into creating more valuable content.

And in most cases, beginners get overwhelmed by all the plugins hanging there only a click away from doing work. 

Being said, It makes sense if you want to start a blog with Blogger for a month or two only to gain experience. So you can kill it when you start with WordPress.

Blogger automatically creates sitemap files and manages them. So, you don’t have to worry about crawling or indexing issues.

You can monetize it with AdSense.

Even though it is not the best option if you want to earn, this is considerable. You can monetize it via ads. However, you’ll need tons of traffic to make significant earnings from your writing. And considering the low CPM that AdSense offers, you might have to wait for a year (or two) before you start earning good rewards.

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It’s completely free.

Here comes the best part.

Note: I do not recommend a free blog (on any platform) over a self-hosted blog. But, only if you can’t afford it or want a blog just for experimental purposes or fun.

It’s free. I mean If you got some money I’m pretty sure no one would like to start a free blog for obvious reasons. But if you’re broke, it makes sense.

The same was the case with Harsh Agrawal from shoutmeloud.com, Adam Enfroy from adamenfroy.com, and *sigh* me.

I didn’t have money, and I thought starting a blog would be much more expensive (than it actually is). But I was wrong. I started this blog for just $27/year.

But you can start it for even cheaper, head over to this post to learn more.

You’ll gain experience.

Well, there’s nothing more important that you expect from a CMS where you’re spending $0, than experience. 

And Blogger will be enough for that. 

Not saying that using WordPress from the start won’t be beneficial for you. In fact, it would be much more beneficial than Blogger.

But if you’re afraid of failing or the negative side of blogging, you can get that experience for free using Blogger. 

Using Blogger can be fine for you at the start but it’s not the best. Below are some of the difficulties and problems I faced during my time with Blogger.

The design.

The biggest problem was the design. Go and search for any blog using Blogger, and you’ll realize that Blogger blogs are not so beautiful. 

Most of them look the same.

And the limited templates that Blogger offers are too basic to be used.

You can also download templates from third-party websites but that too doesn’t make much difference. So, there’s nothing you can do to make your Blogger blog look as beautiful as a WordPress blog. 

I remember sitting up on my computer chair and swearing on my blog for being so ugly and trying a different template every single day and customizing it like a lunatic person. 

But nothing worked!

There are paid templates that you can use and they might work, but I didn’t use them as I’ve already said I didn’t have money. 

Limited customization.

This one’s another critical problem that you might have to face if you’re going to start with blogger.

Just like I said in the previous section, I was so desperate for the perfect template and I stumbled upon a News / Magazine template. I liked it and uploaded it on my blog.

Guess what?

In that template there was a huge block of text that said “Latest News” and I tried everything in my power and still couldn’t get it to remove.

Coding was the only option to get rid of it. And my coding knowledge is a big fat zero. 

Monetization is much harder than before

Even though you can monetize a Blogger blog, it’s still one of the hardest things in this world. 

I had everything that I read from the internet that a BlogSpot blog needs to get AdSense approval. Like 30+ blog posts, legal pages, good traffic, and all the things that didn’t even make sense. 

And I applied for AdSense. 

What happened next will shock you! Haha, that was just a joke for those clickbait titles.

The truth is, my application was rejected. 

That broke my heart and I had to seek an alternative. I found one but it didn’t pay me enough because most of the traffic was from Asian countries. 

A couple of months later I started this blog and just after 15 days AdSense approved my request with just 5 blog posts and no legal page or other illogical stuff. 

The point here I’m trying to make is, even though Blogger is owned by Google it’s still so hard to get AdSense approval as compared to a self-hosted blog.

You’ll struggle to build backlinks.

Backlinks, one of the most important ranking factors.

If you want to build backlinks naturally, you might find it difficult on a BlogSpot blog.

The reason behind it is “professionality”. Bloggers & Journalists don’t consider Blogger blogs professional. 

It’s because of two reasons:

  1. It’s free — because it’s free anyone including a spammer or virus injector can sign up and start spamming people.
  2. People misused it — Blogger lost its credibility because of spammers. They misused it in every way possible, by creating black hat backlinks and spamming blog comments. 

Bigger blogs, influencers, and journalists are picky with backlinks, so they always check who’s behind the blog. And they run away as soon as they realize they have landed on a BlogSpot blog. 

Final words.

This post was not created to defend Blogger but it is an honest review about the good & bad that lies in this platform. 

Please note I do not encourage a free Blogger blog over a self-hosted one. 

It is just an unpopular opinion and the results are up to you. If your mind is heavy with the thoughts of what might happen after starting a blog, then Blogger can be handy.

But, if you’re certain of your success (which you should be because believing in yourself is the first step to success) there’s no better option than WordPress or Wix. 

Thank you so much for giving it a read, I’m honored to have your attention!

If you found it helpful, please share it with those who care! Sharing is caring.

What do you think of Blogger? Is it a waste of time?

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