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20 Proven Ways To Monetize a WordPress Blog In 2021

It’s becoming easier and easier to monetize a WordPress blog. In 2021 there are many different ways you can use to monetize a WordPress blog and reap good rewards from it. 

We are going to talk about 20 (most effective) of those. So, be comfortable, grab some popcorn, and let’s start! 

Can you monetize a WordPress blog?

Yes, of course, you can. There are many ways a WordPress blog could be monetized. The most common of them are affiliate marketing and display ads

More than a hobby, a blog has been the main source of passive income for a lot of bloggers. 

Since it’s that easy, not giving it a try might not be a good choice for now. 

If you already have a well-established blog that people regularly come to read, congratulations! Because you can monetize your WordPress blog right now!

All you have to do is stick to the end and choose the best option for you. And don’t worry I will walk you step-by-step by all the below-stated monetization ways. So you don’t have to leave confused scratching your head and wondering how to get started. 

Let’s dive right into it!

Affiliate Marketing

This one is extremely powerful, easy, and rewarding. You get paid when people buy products through your links. 

Affiliate marketing means when you sell different products and earn commissions. It’s like a triangle. A merchant creates a product > You as an affiliate promote that product > You earn commissions. 

Commissions can be as high as the sky sometimes. 

You can find millions of products to promote using these 3 websites. 

  • CJ (commission junction)
  • Clickbank
  • Amazon Affiliates

The best thing about affiliate marketing is, it’s free. You just create a free account, put in your details, and get paid for every person you refer. 

There is another way you can find affiliates. 

Search for a web tool or any service provider and visit their website. Then scroll to the end of the page and look for something like “partner program” or “affiliate” or “work with us”. 

If you found something like that, it means they have a partner program. Click on it and you’ll be redirected to a form. Read their terms and conditions and fill their form and bam! You’re an affiliate. After you join their partner program they provide a unique link that you can promote and earn recurring commissions. 

Another super-easy way you can use to find affiliates is to search for a product + affiliates. 

See, here I’m searching for hosting + affiliate.

Searching hosting + affiliates

And you can go to their websites one by one and start promoting their products. 


Showing ads on your website is the easiest way to earn income from your hobby. Here you don’t have to find programs and fill out forms to start. 

The most popular among them is Google AdSense. 


Millions of WordPress blogs are monetizing their websites with AdSense. And why wouldn’t they because it’s so easy and simple to start showing ads on your website using AdSense? 

Some people struggle to get AdSense approval. If you’re one of them I have created a guide for you. 

Get Approved By Google AdSense In 5 Steps (100% guaranteed)

Note: If you're thinking this is an ordinary guide like millions on the web, you might be wrong. The blog you're looking at was only 15 days old when I got approved in their partner program. If you want to know how I did that you have to check that guide above. 

A lot of bloggers say AdSense’s CPC rates are not rewarding, And this is a fact! Most bloggers inform, they saw a sudden spike in their earnings after switching to an alternative ads network. 

10 Alternatives For Google AdSense (That Pay Better Than AdSense)

But to join a good advertising network you need a good amount of monthly traffic. Mediavine & Ezoic need 50k and 10k page views every month before you proceed to apply for their partner program. 

This is where companies like AdSense are useful. AdSense doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements. If your blog meets their publishers’ criteria you will be accepted without any delay. 

If you don’t want to work with AdSense for any reason, you can try Propellerads. 

Propeller Ads is similar to AdSense. And you can join them without any traffic. 

Note: the link above is an affiliate link, if you want to join Propeller Ads use the link above. As an affiliate, I'll earn a small commission. Thank you for understanding. 

All you have to do to show AdSense ads on your blog is download a plugin called Google Sitekit. 

Then set it up and it will take care of everything from adding code to your blog’s header to managing ads. 

Sell Ad Space

In the above section, I was talking about showing ads with the help of AdSense or other advertising companies. And if you don’t have enough traffic, you won’t make more than a single digit.

This method is a bit complicated but more profitable. 

If you have a good amount of traffic every month you can charge up to $1000-5000 per month. But, this one could be a little tricky because you would be the one to manage all the things. 

To sell ads space you can try BuySellAds. 

Or place an advertisement saying “Ad space available here” along with your contact info and maybe monthly impressions too. 

All webmasters are aware of the power of quality backlinks. In an interview with Mangools Matt Diggity revealed that he had spent more than a thousand dollars on a single backlink. 

Google clearly said that every backlink you create on your own is bad for SEO.

Still, people like to buy backlinks. If you have a good domain authority you can charge a good amount of money for backlinks. 

To sell backlinks you can take help from Facebook groups, Quora, or any kind of forum. 

Look for people that are trying to increase their domain authority. Or someone who is trying to get quality backlinks to their blog. Then simply approach them and say your price.

Create Digital Products

Create digital products and sell them directly from your website or blog. Sharing some digital products ideas.

Create Courses

Courses can be used to generate massive amounts of revenue in no time. With good marketing and proper techniques, you can make a lot of money. 

The best thing about courses is that you don’t have to be an expert in your niche. If you know proper marketing techniques you can hire an expert using Fiverr.

While the prior method is completely free, this one may cost you some money. You may have to purchase a high-quality camera and a microphone. 

Now create a course and start promoting. 

Statistically video content gets 300% more eyeballs than blog posts. That being said, it means creating video courses can help you get massive traffic. 

Prices vary. So it’s completely up to you. You can sell your course for as high as you want or as low as it can be.  

Or you can browse thousands of courses using Udemy. From there you’ll get an idea of how much you should charge. As I said above, it’s completely up to you. 

Write Ebooks

Similar to courses you can also sell ebooks. Creating an e-book is a lot easier than creating a video course. 

This one’s another free method to monetize a WordPress blog. 

You can create your ebook using software like Canva. With their ready-made templates, you can create an ebook within minutes. Canva also has a premium plan that you may have to buy to get access to additional features. 

Additional features include:

  • Additional fonts
  • Ready-made templates
  • Professional-looking designs
  • high-quality downloading
  • And much more

Canva can also be used to create appealing infographics that can eventually help you get a lot of backlinks. 

Design WordPress Themes Or Blogger Templates 

Creating other WordPress themes and selling them directly from your blog is a fast way to monetize your work. Also, it’s highly profitable. 

You can create a separate portion or page dedicated to themes and sell them using plugins.

Professional WordPress or blogger themes can cost anywhere from $10 to $1000. You can sell them using websites like ThemeForest or TemplateMonster.

If you didn’t like these three ideas, there are hundreds of more digital products you can consider. 

These are the posts that other companies, services, or business owners pay you to post on your blog. These posts are more like a commercial than a usual blog post. It contains benefits of services and a convincing reason why you should buy their services. 

Sometimes you don’t even have to write it because business owners write it by themselves and pay you to post it on your website. All you have to do is click the publish button. 

If you have a good amount of traffic to your blog, you can easily find people that are willing to pay for sponsored posts. 

To get more sponsorship proposals, fill in all your social media bios and make it clear that you’re accepting sponsored posts. 

Paid guest posts are different from sponsored posts. While sponsored posts are commercialized and talk about service or business, guest posts are neutral.

People usually use guest posts for building audience and backlinks. While sponsored posts are made to start conversations and make sales. 

Just like sponsored posts you can get paid guest post opportunities by filling in your social media bios. 

Alternatively, you can find people looking for paid guest posts on forums like Quora and Reddit, Facebook groups, or Twitter.

Create a Membership Site

Like Medium you can create a membership site and restrict non-paying members from reading your content. You can offer free content and lock your best content behind a subscription fee. 

But this method will only work if you’re writing the best pieces on the web. If you’re not creating super helpful free content, nobody is going to pay for premium content. 

You can create a monthly subscription fee or charge users to access guides. All that can be done using the best membership plugin called Member Press. 

Sell Services 

You can also use this method to monetize your WordPress blog. Selling services is another profitable method just like others on this list. 

Just like Neil Patel does, you can sell marketing services or become an SEO expert. If you’re not an expert in any industry you don’t have to worry. Because we have this beautiful platform Fiverr where you can hire experts at the cheapest rates. 

You can also use other freelance websites like Upwork or Freelancer. Test some of these websites and go for the best option. If you’re on a budget, look for the cheapest. If you’re ready to invest big, look for the best.

Become a Coach/Mentor

Your expertise can make you rich. All you need is a good monetization strategy. Becoming an online coach is easy and (just like others) highly profitable. 

Coaches usually charge per hour or session. And prices can be as high as $250-300. If you’re an expert in your niche, create a page on your website and start mentorship. 

Have a look at Mark Manson’s coaching page.


Accept Tips & Donations

If you are creating helpful content that is constantly helping people you can ask for a tip in return. 

This monetization method is inspired by Vocal Media. 

However, this may not return good rewards if you don’t have a lot of website traffic. But this method could be used alongside others on this list.

Create Online Tools

Undoubtedly, an online tool is a great traffic generator. But, it can also be a good option for website monetization. 

Have a look at Ubersuggest. An online keyword research tool that brings 20,453 visitors to Neil. 

Other examples are blog post idea generator from Hubspot, KWFinder from Mangools, and GIF maker from 

Some of the online tools ideas in marketing niche:

Keyword Research Tool

I know this looks like a massive investment but it is not. Hear me out, creating a web tool is expensive but buying one is not. 

Hear me out, creating a webtool is expensive but buying one is not! You can buy cheap online tools from Code Canyon. Click To Tweet

You can use Code Canyon to buy web tools, scripts, plugins, and more. And of course, keyword research tools too. 

After setting one up. You can charge visitors to get access to it. Alternatively, you can offer a free version but visitors will have to pay to search unlimited keywords. Just like you see at the Ubersuggest or other keyword research tools.

SEO ToolKit

Or if you don’t want only a keyword research tool. You can buy a full SEO toolkit as Hasan AboulHasan has done with h-supertools. 

If you don’t know what h-supertools is, it is a free forever SEO toolkit with a lot of other useful features like keyword research tools, email marketing tools, YouTube keyword generator, Instagram hashtag generator, and much more. 

I reviewed h-supertools here in this blog post. You can check it out if you want. 

Steal Ideas From Industry Experts & Use Skyscraper Technique

Did you know about Brain Dean’s skyscraper technique? 

This is a technique to steal backlinks from your competitors. First, create a 10X better version of the post that you want to rob backlinks from. Then use a tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs to track the pages that are linking to the page you’re trying to steal backlinks from. Then reach out to all of those and tell them you created a content 10X better than the one they’re linking to.

You have to practice the same technique but with tools. First, analyze your competitor’s tool and create 10X better but cheaper. 

Because of a lot of competition in the market your tools need to be the best in the market otherwise, they will be ignored. 

Create a Forum 

Google clearly said that forums will have high CPC. It means publishing advertisements will be better (and more profitable) on a forum than on a website. 

To create a Forum you can download a forum script and upload it on your blog or check out this detailed guide from Hasan from H-educate on how to create a forum and make money from it. 

Or if you prefer video content.

Offer Freelance Services

If you write fantastic content, people would love to have you on their blogs. Webmasters are always looking for excellent content and for the one who writes it. 

Have a look at The Blogsmith’s freelance writing prices.



Plan your monetization strategy before even starting a blog. Because any kind of monetization strategy can take time before returning great favors. 

You can easily monetize a blog that generates thousands of visitors every month. But monetizing a blog with a small audience is extremely difficult. 

If your blog doesn’t generate massive traffic don’t worry. I have some pieces of content that can help you with that. 

What Is Content Syndication? And How It Can Boost Your Traffic By 100%?

Increase Traffic To Your Blog With These 7 Plugins

How To Get Website Traffic From Instagram: 10 Dead Simple Ways

Which one do you think is the best monetization method and why?

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