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67 Niches For Blogging — Niches To Start Your Blog With In 2021

Niches for blogging has been a debate from so long. People wonder if their niche is wide enough and profitable. Let’s clear that up.  

Today I’ll walk you through 65 niches for blogging that make money. If you want to read more about 7 profitable niches head over to this article.

Many people ask if the niche you started in is profitable or not. Let’s get this clear, every niche is profitable. All you need is consistency and willingness to put in some work everyday. 

If only you treat your blog like a business it would be much easier for you to succeed. Log in to your website everyday, put in content, build backlinks, and treat your blog that way. 

Ok, back to the point we were talking about niches for blogging. 

A short story from my personal experience. 

I started a blog with one of the free blogging platforms known as called blogger. As everyone know this platform is owned by google I thought I would have privilege by adsense (because adsense is also google’s networks)

Fast forward to a couple Iater I decided to connect my blog to gconnect Google adsense to my site and got rejected. 

This scenario demotivated me so bad that I left blogging. A couple of months later I came back but this time with a self-hosted blog.

I started away, put in 5 posts and a (4000+ words) guide and applied for adsense. But, this time my application was not rejected. Why?

Now, that’s the point of this whole post. It’s because I’m sticking to one specific niche. In my blogspot site I had more than nicely written 25 posts. The only problem was that it was about everything. 

Sticking to a niche is the only way to become an authority. 

And that’s the main reason why choosing a niche is beneficial and necessary. 

What Is a Niche?

A niche is a topic around which your blog is about. For example, this blog is about blogging & SEO. 

How To Choose Niches For Blogging

This might feel like a difficult task at first but it’s not.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you passionate about this?
  • Are others passionate about this?
  • Would you like to write about it 5 years from today?
  • What are different techniques and methods you can use to earn cash? 

If you know the answer to all these you’re ready to go.

Another great way to see if your idea is going to blow up or cool down is to do some keyword research. 

Ubersuggest is a nice option to find it out. First of all, open your keyword planner and search for a keyword. For example, if you’re planning to start your blog about cricket write “cricket” in the search box. 

Cricket has 1,220,000 monthly searches on Ubersuggest. That’s an excellent search volume but there is a lot of competition. To deal with it you’ll have to narrow your down. 

For instance:

  • Indoor cricket
  • Test cricket
  • Cricket leagues
  • Cricket world cup

Got it? 

Excellent, if you said yes. 

If you said no. Here are simpler options to see if your niche is wide enough or not.

Take Help From Social Media

You might think how social media can help you in finding your niche.

Here is your answer. 

Open Facebook and try to find a page in your niche with more than 100k likes. If you found one with even more like 500k. Even better, 100k is the minimum.

Same could be done with Instagram. Look for an account with more than 50k followers. I repeat if you found one with a higher number of followers even better.

Or you can try YouTube. Find a channel with more than 100k subscribers. 

This could be done with any social media you want. All you want to do is a little bit of research. 

Stick To Your Niche No Matter What

This is a mistake almost every beginner (including me) is guilty of. 

And this is the easiest thing to do for better SEO. 

You might feel like you’re lost in the beginning but everything is going to be fine. You’ll find your niche and eventually will make a lot of money. All it requires is consistency. Be consistent, put in content, stick to a blogging schedule, and keep writing. 

67 Niches For Blogging

Here, sharing with you some niches you can start your blogging career with:


One of the best options to start with is fashion. There are already hundreds of blogs running around it and this niche is highly profitable. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Trending fashion
  • Types of clothing
  • Designs


Everyday people take an oath to eat healthy and build up their health. To do so, they will need a guide. And, you can be the one if you know well about this. 

You can also sell different kinds of diet plans and people are more likely to buy from you. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Nutrition
  • Diets
  • Eating healthy


Building a body is a difficult task and people need different kinds of blogs and coachings to achieve excellent body shape.

If you have any knowledge of how to build muscles or get buff, people are waiting to hear from you. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Workout from home
  • Different instruments & how to use them
  • Diet plans and nutrition to build muscles


This world is astonishing and the wonders of this beautiful earth are unbelievable. I love reading about different stories from all around the world.

I’m not alone as there are thousands of different people who enjoy such articles. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Experience from different places around the world
  • Travelling stuff like bags & boots


A lot of people are passionate about cars regardless of genders. People love to talk about cars. Cars are another great idea to start your blog with. 

Things You Can Cover

  • New car models
  • Different types of cars
  • Car’s reviews


This category is similar to the prior one but with a different targeted audience. People love motorcycles and are always talking about it. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Motorcycle riding kit
  • Different types of motorcycles
  • Motorcycles reviews


This category is specially for medical students. Use your expertise and make money.

Things You Can Cover

  • Cure with herbals
  • Actions and reactions of pills
  • Formulas 


The way this world is doing wonders using technology, this niche is easy to earn money from.

Things You Can Cover

  • New technologies
  • Different gadgets


Mobile phones are extremely important in today’s world. Every person has one and talking or writing about it will surely get you listeners or readers. 

Things You Can Cover

  • New models of smartphones
  • Mobile phone’s reviews
  • Mobile phone’s specification


Another profitable niche to start with is laptops. People looking for reviews always have their credit cards out. You can write about different model’s reviews — like specifications, design, performance, or honest reviews. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Latest laptop models
  • Laptop reviews and specifications


Gaming is growing day by day. And this is a profitable niche if you hop into it. There are an estimated 2.8 billion gamers around the globe according to

Things You Can Cover

There are enormous topics you can cover in this niche. And you can even narrow this niche down to Xbox, Playstation, or PC gaming. 

Self Help / Self Development

Another profitable niche for blogging is self development. Internet love to read self development articles, blogs, or write ups. There are literally thousands of courses, videos, blogs, and coaches that are always there to help you. If you want to build confidence or you’re struggling with your self esteem try self help books or blogs.


This is a vast topic as there are thousands of sports in the world. Inside this niche you can find thousands of different niches for blogging.


The most popular sport in the world is football, also known as soccer. With worldwide fans over 3.5 billions, this sport is the best option to write about.


Another popular sport with 900 Million fans Volleyball is another good option to kick start your blog with. 


Mostly popular inside Asia, Australia, and Uk. Cricket has more than 2.5 billion fans. They will definitely watch your content if you’re interested in this beautiful sport. 


Tennis is another popular sport. This sport is watched by 1 billion people around the world. 

There are 8000 sports in the world — according to Wikipedia. That means 8000 opportunities to start your blog with.

Note: stats are taken from


Everybody eats and this should not come as a surprise that food is one of the best niches for starting a blog.

There are many different blogs in this niche that are successful and are generating a lot of income for their respective owners. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Recipes
  • Food reviews

You can also break this niche into further niches for blogging:

  • Vegetarian food 
  • Non-vegetarian food
  • Spicy food
  • Healthy food.


One of the most popular and important niches to write about is finance. If you know different tactics and methods to save or invest money this one is a good option for you.


Business is one of those things which can save and change a person’s life. That being said, if you know how to start or grow a business, I would like you to start writing up in this niche. 

You can also break this down into small business, business to start with low capital, and business with a lot of profit. 

Things You Can Cover

  • finance
  • Business and its types
  • Investing and stocks


WordPress is one of the best website builders which powers almost 39.6 percent of websites around the world. 

With the help of WordPress you can create blogs, websites, or even e-commerce stores. 

Things You Can Cover

  • WordPress tips & tricks
  • Plugins and themes 

Hosting & Domains

As blogs and websites are growing day by day, hosting and domain companies are growing with them too. 

Every WordPress site needs a hosting to run. In this niche you can also have an advantage of earning good commissions that hosting providers’ affiliate programs pay. 

You can talk about hosting reviews, comparison, and much more 


Search engine optimization is another niche people write and read about. SEO is extremely important in growing a blog or a website. 

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Things You Can Cover

  • Do’s and Dont’s for SEO
  • Tricks to climb up in SERPs.


Writing is a great profession and there are many people trying to be a better writer. If you have tips for that, that’s great.

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is a thing people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for. If you have done courses on graphic design, there is no better niche for you than this. 

You can sell courses and do affiliates with different software around the web. 

Content Marketing

Companies are paying thousands of dollars to individuals to get their content to more people. If you have skills in content marketing you can earn good money from your blog or website. 

Life Hacks

This niche is popular because life hacks help simplifying difficult tasks in our life.


DIY is a substitute for Do It Yourself. People love to do things by themselves without having to leave their homes, that’s the reason DIY is so popular


Origami is an art of folding a paper multiple times to craft something. It was invented by Japanese, thousand years ago.

Origami is very popular now-a-days, and people find it so interesting to fold a paper into crafting multiple things. And creating a blog where you teach this step-by-step is surely going to blow up.


Coaching could be done for anything. Whatever thing you’re good at, you can earn money from that.

Life Advice

If you have a special skill, coaching is a nice way to monetize your blog but if you’re good at life, this niche is best for you.

If you know how to deal with depression or how to get over your mental health, people would love to get your life advice. 

Dating / Relationship Advice

If you have been through a toxic or a beautiful relationship you must have been left with good relationship advice. Share it with others and make money off it.

Home Remedies

There is always a home remedy for almost everything and people love to do things without having to leave their homes. If you know some you can start your blog with it.


Every second welcomes a new pair of parents in this world and they need guides to become a better parent. And, if you’re an experienced parent you can make money by helping the newer ones. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Tips & tricks for becoming a better parent
  • Dealing with your baby
  • Taking care of newborns

Personal Blog

If you have been through life adventures, a blog stating all your exciting adventures along with what you learned through them is a good niche for your blog.

However, people find this niche hard-to-rank on the search engines. 


Education for free is hard to find in this era. But you can always teach for free on your blog.

Things You Can Cover

  • Courses 
  • Educational videos
  • Lectures on various topics


Hit those bookworms and tell them what to read next and they’ll love you more than anything else.

You can also make money by selling e-books and books by other authors to earn commissions.

Things You Can Cover

  • E-books
  • Different categories of books
  • Book reviews


This one definitely requires a lot of information. Photography could be extremely difficult for beginners. 

You can share tricks for taking better photographs or different types of photography. 


Skating is extremely popular in the world. And you can share your expertise to get maximum rewards.


There are some websites over the web that pay writers to write for editing softwares and how to use them to edit winning photos. 

A profitable niches for blogging to start with if you know editing.

Making Money Online

There are various ways you can earn a decent amount of money without having to leave your home.

And you can state them as people are looking for different ways to earn online. 

Things You Can Cover

  • Different ways to earn online
  • Websites that pay 


The Internet loves memes and there are many apps or websites that literally pay to make memes for them. 


How to start a freelancing career? How to find my first gig? From where to start? If you know answers to all these or if you have been a freelancer, share your expertise and enlighten other newbies.

Things You Can Cover

  • How to start a freelance career 
  • Where to find gigs
  • How to get more work 


Pets are adorable and who doesn’t love them. If you have ways to take care of your pets, start a blog.


There are many archeologists roaming around the web trying to find new ideas, be a helping hand for them.


If you’re interested in politics, try opening a political blog. Share your opinions and attract people to look at your blog.


If you are from an astonishing culture or you have been through one, writing about it is worth it. I personally enjoy articles with a flavor of culture.


Different people have different kinds of tastes in music. 

This niche could be broken down into different types of music. 

Web Development

Web development is also possible now-a-days without any knowledge of coding. You can build different kinds of sites with the help of website builders.

Things You Can Cover

  • Web developing
  • Website builders 
  • Website builders reviews


Mostly popular with women, this niche can bring you a lot of traffic to your blog. This niche can be divided into different niches for blogging like:

  • Mineral makeup
  • Smokey makeup
  • Natural minimal makeup


People believe in horoscopes and many of them plan their days accordingly. If you want to start an astronomy site, be sure that people will be there to read.

Self Defense

Not a hobby or style but a necessity. Who doesn’t want to learn to defend themselves. Absolutely everybody does.

Sewing & Embroidery

Another kind of art like origami, embroidery is one of the hardest things to learn. If you’re one of those geniuses, share your skills with other like-minded people. 


This niche is pretty self-explanatory and does not require any explanation.

Product Reviews

One of the most profitable niches is product reviews. What these kinds of blogs do is write about different products to earn commissions.

You can write about any kind of products around your niche and earn good commissions. 

Weight Lifting

There are specific techniques to lift heavy weights. If you know them, write them down.


There are various websites or blogs that only write about alternatives for different stuff. 

Skin Care

If you know remedies or tricks to keep your skin cool and fresh, people are always looking for them.

Things You Can Cover

  • Skin care routine
  • Products for skin care
  • Creams and lotions to moisturize your skin


Movies are always in google search, some are searching for upcoming movies and others are searching for past movies.

This niche can be divided into different sub-niches like: Action movies, Romantic Movies, Comedy movies, Thriller.


Cryptocurrencies are coins from the future. Holding, selling, or making money from them is an art. If you’re an expert in cryptocurrency, you can earn a good amount of money from your blog.

Things You Can Cover

  • Types of cryptocurrencies
  • Buying and selling cryptos


There are many blogs running around this niche. People are always behind celebs. 


Blogging about blogging is an excellent idea and it’s highly profitable. If you know much about blogging, why are you not giving it a try? 

Things You Can Cover

  • Starting a blog
  • Making money of a blog
  • Blogging tips

Affiliate marketing

Most popular way of monetizing a blog is affiliates. Affiliate means referring a customer to a company to get a commission.


I know youtubing is different from blogging but creating and growing a YouTube channel is a vast topic.

Things You Can Cover

  • Growing a YouTube channel
  • Content ideas


This one’s pretty self-explanatory.


Calligraphy is an art of writing cursive letters. Only a few people know calligraphy. If you can teach people calligraphy, consider starting your blog around this niche. 

Final Words

That’s it! These are the 67 niches for blogging that you can always use to start a blog.

These 67 niches for blogging are not the only options you have but you can take it as an example. 

What if the niche of your blog is not on the list?

Nothing at all! I do not guarantee that blogs starting with these niches will succeed and also I do not forbid this fact that blogs outside these niches can succeed. 

Every niche is profitable, all you need is consistency and positive energy to make it possible. 

What are some other niches I missed that should be there?

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